10 of the tastiest places to eat in Chicago

Eating is essential, however, when traveling it is an issue that becomes even more serious as different places have very different foods. When traveling, one must be very careful in the type of food they consume to ensure that they do well. In this way, one adds (or takes away) considerably to their journey!

Chicago is a very visited place in the United States. When foreigners arrive, they discover a culture and way of life different from their normality. Finding a place to eat, eating healthy and good is crucial. Here are the top 10 places to consider.

ten Superdawg Drive-In

Superdawg is a perfect drive-in for Chicagoans. The place was founded by Flaurie Berrman and Maurie. It is also strategically located at an intersection of Milwaukee, Nagle and Devon. This means that many people can easily access the place.

As for food, restaurants offer a variety, including beef sausages, crinkle fries, and the traditional Chicago-style hot dog.

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9 Luella’s southern cuisine

This is a restaurant located in downtown Chicago. The restaurant is very popular for providing the best food in the region and serving the best southern cuisine. It was founded several years ago and it has continuously performed well and won customers’ approval.

The most popular food in Luella’s southern cuisine is chicken okra, cream shrimp and a huge platter of chicken and waffles. Service at the joint is also smooth and friendly, making it ideal for visitors.

8 Larson lost

It is a restaurant that was launched in 2018 and gained popularity for its amazing services. It is a restaurant that combines operations with a bakery. AT Larson lost, there are so many bakery related snacks to get like quiche, scones and croissants. However, there are other catering options for customers.

Although a relatively small restaurant, it offers a great environment and great food. It also offers a good place to eat and relax in the evening.

7 Andros Tavern

It was founded by some of the top chefs in the industry, Hsing Chen and Doug Psaltis. Andros Taverna is a Greek-style restaurant located in Logan Square. This makes it easily accessible and in a beautiful setting.

The restaurant is very spacious and offers amazing dishes such as grilled Cypriot halloumi, turbot, octopus, baklava froyo and prawn saganaki which are the best. Since the restaurant is spacious and quiet, it provides a good environment to relax and meet a friend.

6 Rosemary

Rose Mary is a restaurant by Joe Flamm who is a top winning chef and has created a masterpiece. The food here is Croatian style and quite delicious. There are also many Italian-influenced dishes that are worth a detour. From the service to the setting and the cuisine, the restaurants attract many customers, both local and foreign.

Top dishes to order at Rose Mary Restaurant include; Crni, Porcini Agnolotti, Charcoal Roasted Beets, Pistachio Ice Cream and Tortellini Djuvec.

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5 Perilla

For a visitor looking for a perfect place to eat Korean food or a mix of Korean and American recipes, this is the best place to visit. It is run by a great chef and the dishes are fantastic. The setting and operation of the restaurant also provides room for a variety of dining settings. Even vegetarian people will enjoy dining at this restaurant.

The most recommended dishes in Perilla include steamed eggs, kimchi pancakes and blistered shishito peppers.


ABA is an interesting restaurant for people looking for Mediterranean cuisine. It is a restaurant which has a good environment with a large dining room and a rooftop patio. With the restaurant offering brunch, it offers a variety of options for different people.

Some of the most requested combinations at this restaurant are hummus renditions, stracciatella, Brussels sprouts and more. The restaurant also serves American-style dishes.

3 Tzuco

Tzuco is that kind of restaurant for Mexican food in Chicago. The restaurant has gained popularity for its ability to provide the best Mexican cuisine and its great French technique in preparing various recipes. The restaurant is located by the North River and offers ample space for a comfortable experience as well as seating on the terrace. We will also enjoy a moment in their semi-outdoor space.

This is the best place for French and Mexican cuisine in the region. During the weekend, the restaurant offers brunch with selections such as Shrimp Huarache, Tzuco Shakshuka and Mushroom Cazuela.

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2 Smoked BBQ

Here is another amazing restaurant to eat in Chicago. It’s a popular place for the type of food they serve. The restaurant tops the list with tender brisket, spare ribs, oak and apple smoked pork and other barbecue related dishes and this is the main thing that makes it popular.

The restaurant has a nice patio offering guests a moment of relaxation and relaxation while waiting for their barbecue.

1 Pizzeria Zazas

Zazas Pizzeria is a restaurant that offers amazing pizzas. This is one of the best places in Chicago to get different flavors of pizza. We will always have the chance to have a whole pie or a slice of pizza for dinner or lunch. The restaurant is very popular because they have mastered their way to success with their recipe.

You can order a white pie, a truffle and mushroom pie or a hot soppressata pie.

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