4 Customers of Major Restaurant Chains Claim Exorbitant Prices – Eat This Not That

Over the past year or so, fast food chains have slowly increased menu prices— mainly due to inflation and adjusting to an almost post-pandemic world. Customers started noticing the many sneaky extras and higher “surgical” prices at the big chains and completely ignored them.

In September, the cost of fast food rose 8.5% compared to last year, the National Restaurant Association Reports. No matter how big of a fan of fast food chains you are, it’s frustrating to see Domino’s Mix & Match deal jump from $5.99 to $6.99 and now to $7.99. And it’s not madness that there’s chaos around Burger prices at Shack Shake rise 7%.

Inflation is in the air, sure, but how much more can our wallets handle? These 4 fast food chains won’t be taking a break anytime soon, as prices rise, and so do complaints.

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Five guys / Facebook

For a long time, Five Guys was considered one of the more expensive options for burger chains in-game. That being said, in today’s market, customers say things have only gotten progressively worse and they’re reaching the point of no return.

A recently viral Tik Tok showed a meal for two at Five Guys – including two bacon cheeseburgers, two fries and two drinks – for an unimaginable fast food total of $70. “It wasn’t a gourmet meal, just fries and burgers,” said the Australian Tik Toker, Dani.stevens02 said in his post, along with, “I’m never going to Five Guys again.”

Customers believe that in terms of average American fast food, Five Guys does not offer many cheap items at all. The smallest the fry sells for $5.09 and one regular bacon cheeseburger is over $12.

There are tons of daily tweets of how Five Guys has become overpriced. Some customers will say this is a plus workers usually throw extra fries into the bagbut the overall quality of this burger restaurant has not increased with the higher prices.

received from chipotle higher prices

Golden Arches may be losing fast food gold status. Earlier this year, McDonald’s fans were fuming on the price of one Big Mac up almost 40% over last decadeand now costs an average of $6.05 in the US

As for the rest of the menu at McDonald’s in 2022, customers are fully aware that their favorites are going to cost more than ever. All item prices have increased by 6% and many nationally recognized low value offers are being removed to make way for more personalized customer offers and smaller version of the menu worth $1 $2 $3.

After stopping for a quick snack of a small fries and a large sweet tea, a customer was not happy when he saw his total on the screen. “Listen, don’t get me wrong, I know inflation has been bad,” philosopher Tik Toker says, “but goddamn *mn close to $5!?”

Not only angry customers spoken on social mediabut McDonald’s employees reportedly said the price hike had also caused an increase in customer harassment in stores. It’s now as if customers find “it’s okay to emotionally abuse workers and leave a mess,” a McDonald’s cashier told Insider, after a 10-cent row with a customer over a cup of coffee.

received from chipotle higher prices

Chipotle has been under fire all year and the number one reason – a simple burrito bowl is 20% more expensive than in 2020. A medium bowl of chicken was about $7.25 in 2019And about $7.65 in 2020but today customers are getting more and more exasperated that their Chipotle bowl is over $10 (regardless of protein choice).

While the fast-casual Mexican food chain has always had a extremely loyal fanbaseit might not last long. CNN reported that customers visit Chipotle less frequently and when they do visit, they downgrade their order to the lower priced menu items.

A single steak bowl with all the must-have trimmings came out at $20.99 for Fayez Beshay, whose Tik Tok viral of him shouting at Chipotle for answers exploded this week. “Why am I paying an entire deposit to eat a goddamn bowl,” he shouts at the camera, only to add, “sometimes that shit doesn’t even taste that good.”

Another disgruntled Chipotle fan said in the comments “Chipotle pisses me off with these price increases. And the quality is hit or miss.” While others claim, “I’d rather go home now! Literally for 2 bowls with fries and drinks like $45”

Courtesy of Starbucks

America’s leading coffee chain continues to squeeze every penny from its customers. The Starbucks menu has become more expensive item by item overall, plus a additional price increase on add-ons and extras.

Major complaints have emerged as furious customers poke holes in the higher prices of the chain’s products, after they were able to report profits rose 31% in 2022 and Starbucks CEO received a 39% raise to $20.4 million. “Corporations are doing a great job of rebranding corporate greed as ‘inflation'” Dan PriceCEO of the financial company Gravity Payments, wrote in a Tweet “And the rich get richer thanks to the work of the staff and the savings of the customers”, another customer replied.

Starbucks customers too intervene in the conversation on Reddit saying things like “I cut my Starbucks. Not because I can’t afford it, but because the prices are too high.” Plus, “It’s just too expensive. If I have to spend $6-8 on a treat for myself, it’s going to be from a local cafe that really cares about what it serves. Not too expensive and overrated fast food- shitty level.”

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