43% of customers say they would pay more for sustainable takeout

Restaurant customers are more environmentally conscious than ever, according to a new study: 43% of customers say they would pay more for sustainable takeout.

Additionally, 56% of respondents said they would prefer restaurants to become more transparent about their eco-friendly policies, with food waste and packaging both seen as major issues.

These are impressive statistics that indicate an outpouring of support for any effort to alleviate the climate emergency.

68% of customers say restaurants need processes to avoid waste

The study comes from catering software company Deliverect and includes many additional statistics indicating where the interests of most consumers lie.

First, it’s clear that most people think sustainability will cost more, with 63% of respondents saying the same.

Food waste is a big problem: an impressive 73% of consumers said they want more precise portions to avoid food waste, while 68% said restaurants should put processes in place to avoid waste.

Excess packaging is also perceived as less environmentally friendly. Most respondents say they favor ordering from restaurants with less delivery packaging (54%) and environmentally friendly packaging (56%).

Resturant Dive, which reported on the study, also notes another survey which found that 65% of global consumers say it is “important” for governments to prioritize responses to climate change during recovery efforts. economy in the event of a pandemic.

How Restaurants Stay Sustainable

Many large restaurant chains have sustainability policies in place. But can a small family business make sure it’s doing its part while balancing all the other tasks that come with the job?

Organizing menus with local foods, updating menus with the seasons, reducing food portions and reducing meat consumption can all help. Biodegradable cardboard take-out boxes and reusable plastic bags are also seeing some success.

In part, software services that restaurants use to track sales, inventory, and employees can also help promote sustainability. Most major point-of-sale systems will make a business completely paperless – a digital kitchen system avoids printing tabs, a tablet for table ordering avoids paper notes, and receipts can be sent by E-mail.

Some systems go further: Square POS, one of our top picks, publishes an annual sustainability report. No matter which POS system a restaurant uses, they will all save time and money, which is what any restaurateur needs to stay sustainable these days.

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