5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Oklahoma City, OK

Below is a list of the best Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City. To help you find the best Mexican restaurants near you in Oklahoma City, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Oklahoma City:

Our top rated Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City, OK are:

  • San Marcos – one of the most renowned Mexican restaurants
  • Ted’s Café Escondido – lives and thrives on creating handmade Mexican delicacies
  • Azteca Mexican Grill OKC – attaches great importance to quality-controlled dishes made from fresh ingredients
  • Mom Roja – private dining room and Mexican restaurant catering
  • Mexican restaurant in Chelino – invites its guests to a family restaurant

San Marcos

awesome Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City, OK

San Marcos is one of the most renowned Mexican restaurants in the region. They have been serving the locals with tasty and flavorful Mexican food since 1984. Plus, they are constantly improving their menu to meet all the tastes of their customers. Their team assures each customer that they are served authentic, hot and tasty Mexican dishes. Plus, their chefs are experts in handmade Mexican dishes.

They offer a wide range of Mexican dishes to accompany their homemade teas and drinks. Plus, these include tamales, burritos, and tacos with queso. They also have indoor and outdoor catering services available.


tamales, burritos, mexican dishes


Address: 2301 SW 59th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73119
Telephone: (405) 685-7773
Website: oksanmarcos.com


“Love this place. Love the prices. Great people. They have come a long way over the years and have opened a few more locations because of their great customer service and great food. I will continue to come here for more. many years to come ”- Luke Stockton

Ted’s Cafe Escondido

welcoming Mexican restaurants to Oklahoma City, OK

Ted’s Cafe Escondido lives and thrives on creating handmade Mexican delicacies. Their chefs firmly believe in giving customers meals made with real ingredients. In addition, they prepare each dish by hand and on demand. Some of their drinks are made from hand-squeezed lemons. They have been offering Mexican food to the masses since 1991. In addition, their goal is to provide handmade meals to happy guests.

Their chefs make delicious and flavorful Mexican dishes available every day. In addition, their dishes include tortillas with a variety of sauces. Some of these are sliced ​​tomatoes, guacamole, and Welsh dips. They also provide burritos, chicken curry, and tortillas.


Mexican dishes


Address: 2836 NW 68th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Telephone: (405) 848-8337
Website: tedscafe.com


“As usual, the food was super tasty! Our waitress, Chasity, was very accommodating and friendly. She brought our food in as few dishes as possible. Anyone who has eaten at a Mexican restaurant knows how much the plates on the table tend to add up and get in the way. Thanks, Chasity! – Nikol Ware

Azteca Mexican Grill OKC

Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Oklahoma City, OK

Azteca Mexican Grill OKC attaches great importance to quality controlled dishes made from fresh ingredients. In their restaurant, they aim to provide customers with an authentic experience of Mexican culture. Their staff happily provide every unforgettable and remarkable dining experience. In addition, they place great importance on serving fresh food every time. Their chefs have extensive experience in creating Mexican dishes.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of Mexican dishes and must-try desserts. These include platters of Chimichangas, Torta Ahogadas and very lick cakes. In addition, they also have Chili Relleno and Camaron dishes.


Mexican food, tacos


Address: 4024 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Telephone: (405) 942-0260
Website: aztecamexicangrillokc.com


“So I decided to stop for lunch, I was in the mood for a burrito and this place had great reviews. Well i agree the food was very tasty, tasted like good home cooking. These employees were nice and they had good service. I will definitely check them again “- Chris Swanson

Mom Roja

delicious Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City, OK

Mom Roja is a private restaurant and catering restaurant managed by Mexico. They offer extraordinary views of Lake Hefner and breathtaking sunsets. Their staff provide exceptional service while providing a memorable experience. Plus, they treat everyday meals like a party. Their festive resort atmosphere is the perfect venue for private and large-scale events. Plus, they are happy to respond to all catering orders.

They offer a wide variety of authentic Mexican food with a variety of tequila selections. Their menu includes homemade sangrias, margaritas and pita bread. Plus, they have tortilla mills and vegan salads.


margaritas, mexican dishes


Address: 9219 S Lake Hefner Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Telephone: (405) 302-6262
Website: mamaroja.com


“Great view of Lake Hefner, great service. The tacos, rice, fries and queso were delicious. There was a very long wait between ordering and receiving our food. But overall – good experience and delicious food ”- Ashley Davis

Chelino’s Mexican restaurant

tasty Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City, OK

Chelino’s Mexican restaurant invites its guests to a family-style restaurant. They have worked with experienced chefs who have over 50 years in the industry. In addition, it is a multi-purpose restaurant with a tortilla factory and bakery. They invite their guests to be part of their growing family with the continued support of their food. In addition, they grow to serve even more diners each year.

The restaurant offers shared dinners, Mexican delicacies and must-try dishes. Plus, they offer fish tacos with delicious egg side dishes, mojitos, and beef tortillas. They also serve potato dishes and burritos.


fish tacos, mexican cuisine, mimosa


Address: 8966 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139
Telephone: (405) 631-3797
Website: chelinos.com


“Great Mexican food! Coming from South Texas, it’s a little hard to find authentic tasting Mexican food and this place has it. Our server was very friendly and attentive. And they include a little dessert with your meal, that’s awesome! – Abby G

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