5 favorites: for the love of the guests


1. Breakfast club

$ 10 to Moore Street Cafe

Much like the hair, guitars, and trucks of the Lone Star State, this sandwich is oversized. Texan toast wraps around two eggs, bacon, sausage and ham, all topped with lettuce and tomato, then topped with extra thick mayonnaise. Definitely add an Orange Nehi Moore-mosa, served by the pitcher.

2. Chocolate chip pancakes

$ 8.50 to Shorty’s dinner

This Williamsburg institution opened in Richmond last February and now I have a new reason to visit the West End. Two platter-sized buttermilk pancakes are loaded with melting, butter-dripping chocolate chips. Runner-up: Colossal Homemade Cinnamon Buns.

3. Beef or chicken livers

$ 9.50 to Rise & Shine Dinner

This cozy corner of Ashland is bursting with community. You will dine with the Hanover Fire / EMS staff, and the cheerful dining room can be hired at night for private meetings. Try the succulent livers and grilled onions, and their crunchy seasonal strawberry cake.

4. Manakin Burger

$ 13.75 to Satterwhite Restaurant

Owned by Fred Snyder since 1998, this little white cabin has served Goochland since the 1930s. Spoil yourself and sample cheeseburgers, including the Angus Manakin burger, which you can eat with a knife and fork. PS they always serve salted herring.

5. Fried seafood

Market price at Brick house dinner

This family-run Greek restaurant open for dinner does Midlothian well with Ya Ya’s Greek cookies and over-the-top New York cheesecake. But it’s the Friday night fried fish with catfish and fixin on their breezy patio that I savor. Besides catfish, find fried or grilled shrimp, scallops, rockfish, plaice and clams.

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