9 things to eat and drink in Lollapalooza this weekend

If you spend time Lollapalooza this weekend, chances are you’ll need to refuel at Chow Town, the festival’s full lineup of food and drink vendors, between acts. And while you’ll struggle to find a bargain within the confines of Grant Park, there are plenty of solid picks to choose from this year’s list of sellers, whether you fancy lace-edged quesabirria, cuts awesome glazes or about a dozen different variations of fries. Need help sorting out the options? Take a look at some of our favorite food and drink selections this year and get ready for a festival feast.

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Photography: Emma Krupp/Time Out Chicago

1. Quesabirria de Tacotlan

Restaurant Hermosa Tacotlán offers plates of three quesabirrias made with shredded beef, which you can order plain or with the classic onion and cilantro vinaigrette (you should definitely make the latter). Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, quesabirrias are delicious but filling – so much so that you could probably split an order between two people – and come with a miniature cup of consommé for dipping. $20 for three

Lollapalooza Frozen Banana Pudding 2022
Photography: Emma Krupp/Time Out Chicago

2. Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding Frozen Banana Pudding

Have you ever wondered what frozen pudding tastes like? Turns out it looks a lot like ice cream, but with a slightly chewier texture. Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding is bringing three flavors of its signature treat to Chow Town this year – and while the Hawaiian-style pineapple and strawberry variations are tempting, we opted for the classic banana, which is sprinkled with chunks of wafer a la vanilla. $6

Chubby Vienna at Lollapalooza 2022
Photography: Emma Krupp/Time Out Chicago

3. Chubby Wiener by Chubby Wieners

Although the Chubby Wieners brick-and-mortar store remains closed (RIP), we can satiate our girthy hot dog cravings from the stand at Lolla again this year. You can’t go wrong with a classic garden-trailed sausage, but there’s also a cheese dog for those looking for a little spice. $9

Churro sundae at Lollapalooza 2022
Photography: Emma Krupp/Time Out Chicago

4. Churro sundae from Xurro

You’ll find plenty of ice cream options in Chow Town, but only one of those ice cream options comes with a huge sugar-dusted churro. Stop by the Xurro stand to order this beautiful creation, served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate or strawberry syrup and a dollop of whipped cream. $10

Cucumber lemonade with Lollapalooza 2022
Photography: Emma Krupp/Time Out Chicago

5. Cucumber lemonade from various bars

Attendees over 21 can stroll into one of the festival’s four cocktail lounges to order from a menu of specialty cocktails, including the refreshing Cucumber Lemonade (Hendrick’s Gin, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Cucumber ). We recommend posting in Lounge ’91, located near the merchant building on the east side of the park, to enjoy the view of the lake, but be aware that cocktails in mugs cannot leave any of the festival lounges (cocktails in preserves, on the other hand, are fine).

Vegan meat asada at Lollapalooza 2022
Photography: Emma Krupp/Time Out Chicago

6. Healthy Substance Carne Asada Vegan Taco

Fancy a little snack? Vegans and meat eaters will delight in the plant-based offerings from Healthy Substance, a Garfield Ridge-based vegan Mexican restaurant that sells both carne asada and al pastor tacos made with meat alternatives and served with a side. red or green salsa. Order one for a quick bite or several for a full meal. $6 a taco

Dark Matter cold brew at Lollapalooza 2022
Photography: Emma Krupp/Time Out Chicago

7. Dark Matter Coffee Cold Brew

When your stamina starts to wane after a long day of dancing in the sun, head to the Dark Matter booth for a fortifying, uplifting glass of cold brew over ice. The iconic coffee roastery, which operates some of the best coffeehouses in town, sells cups of its Chocolate City and Vanilla Suburbs cold brew styles, available black or served with soy milk and simple syrup. $5

Corn chilli walk bhel puri at Lollapalooza 2022
Photography: Emma Krupp/Time Out Chicago

8. The Indian Garden Walking Corn Chili Bhel Puri

Stroll through the festival grounds with the Indian Garden’s tangy bhel puri, which combines crispy puffed rice, fried chickpea flour, tamarind and mint chutney, herbs, chillies and corn . $8

9. Boxcar Sandwich from Boxcar Betty’s

The South Carolina-based fried chicken purveyor — which has Chicago outposts in the West Loop and Bucktown — is bringing its Southern-style sandwiches to Chow Town, including the signature Boxcar Sandwich (spicy mayo, coleslaw with peaches, thick pickles and chilli cheese) . Meatless diners can choose to replace the chicken breast with a chilli-stuffed Portobello mushroom. $10

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