A change of command at 9 Wing Gander


There is someone new at the helm of 9 Wing Gander.

During a ceremony at Canadian Forces Base in Gander on Friday, Lt. Col. Lydia Evéquoz was officially given the keys to the operation.

The ceremony was presided over virtually by the Major-General. Eric Kenny, who is the commander of 1 Canadian Air Division.

“I am extremely honored to assume command of 9 Wing Gander, especially noting the extraordinary operational tempo our team has maintained over the past two years,” Evéquoz said in a press release.

The new commander succeeds the lieutenant colonel. Lisa Baspaly-Hays, who took over from 9 Wing Gander in 2019 and presided over one of the busiest periods in its history.

In addition to the movements of the 103rd Search and Rescue Squadron which operates from the base and which responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, 9 Wing Gander coordinated and accommodated Canadian Armed Forces personnel upon their arrival in the province to help with the cleanup after Snowmageddon in January 2020.

In November of the same year, the base also hosted a large number of US forces in support of an international operation.

“It has been a tremendous honor to serve the military family and the broader community of Gander as the Commander of 9 Wing,” said Baspaly-Hays. “The hard work and dedication demonstrated by 9 Wing members every day, throughout the pandemic and in the face of many new challenges over the past two years, has been both humbling and inspiring. “

At 9 Wing Gander, history follows history as it relates to the base commander.

Evéquoz was the first construction engineer to take command of a Royal Canadian Air Force squadron. Previously, Baspaly-Hays took over 9 Wing Gander as the first intelligence officer appointed as the Wing Commander.

“I look forward to living and working with the community of Gander – world famous for its hospitality on September 11 – and the members of ‘The Fighting 9th’ as ​​we work to maintain the exceptional level of operational excellence of this wing. is known for, ”said Evéquoz.

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