A delicious dozen of the best things to eat in Greenville, SC

Greenville, South Carolina — yeah, this Greenville – may not be a priority yet for interesting, international dining, but maybe it should be. There’s definitely more to this charming southern town than shrimp and grits! In fact, there’s something in this booming metropolis nestled near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to suit everyone.

So whether you’re heading to Greenville for a visit or just passing through, follow this guide to discovering the city’s delicious dozen – that’s 12 of the best things to eat in Greenville, SC – and you’re sure to come back for more. more:

Southern staple shrimp and grits get an outback upgrade at Roost Restaurant where Pulled pork and grits is the comfort food you crave. Packed with flavor, the slow-cooked pork sits atop the creamiest kernels we’ve tasted anywhere in town!

Griswold by Sully Steamers

A Greenville original, Sully’s Steamers serves mouth-watering steamed sandwiches. A must-have item on the menu is the Griswold, which the staff assured us would make “taste buds cry” – with its combination of turkey, bacon, provolone, pepper jack, lettuce, bbq sauce and parmesan-pepper. Pro tip: Choosing it over a cheddar-jalapeno bagel adds just the right amount of spice.

The Habiba restaurant is a favorite for Mediterranean cuisine, and its Roasted Lamb with Basmati Rice is a star on its Middle Eastern menu. Slow roasted in the oven for three hours with eight different kinds of exotic spices, the lamb tops the tender rice with a touch of rose water essence. This dish melts in your mouth… and vanishes!

Black Thai’s Brussels Box

The Black Thai food truck doesn’t just have a clever name, it has some of the most succulent Brussels sprouts you’ve ever tasted. Rightfully one of the most ordered dishes on the menu, the Brussels box is a side dish – or a meal in itself – consisting of rice, fried Brussels sprouts and bacon, tossed in a honey ponzu sauce topped with fried shallots.

Persis Biryani Indian Grill is the only restaurant in Greenville that serves dosas in different variations, but its traditional cuisine dose is a hearty but humble dish made with black lentils and rice, which comes with a potato filling and is served with a coconut and tomato chutney. Highly recommended for breakfast.

Sabroso Mexican Street Style Corn On The Cob

Grilled on the grill then topped with spicy and creamy chili, garlic and cheese, Sabroso Mexican Grill’s Urban style corn on the cob — otherwise known as elote – 1000% worth the chomp.

Combining the flavors of traditional Japanese sushi with an American twist, Sushi Murasaki’s best-selling roll, the crazy boy roll is a roll of crab, avocado, shrimp, cream cheese, crunch, spicy mayonnaise and eel sauce breaded and fried in tempura. This one is special!

Maple Bacon Funnel Cake from Coffee Underground

You haven’t had a funnel cake until you’ve tried one Maple Bacon Funnel Cake made in front of you by Coffee Underground. This sweet and savory treat was obviously inspired by fun festival memories, and its homemade maple, cream cheese frosting and crispy bacon toppings are a mouthful to remind you of the best of times.

Billionaire Smokies are perfectly smoky little hot dogs wrapped in bacon, with chili aioli and topped with candied jalapeno from Monkey Wrench Smokehouse. It’s quiet decadence, I promise.

Sticky ribs

Barbecue is synonymous with the South, so it’s an essential meal, especially when you find the best authentic Memphis-style ribs, wings, barbecue and chicken in the Southeast. Sticky Fingers offers a variety of grilled meats, but the Ribs are particularly rockin’. We recommend them with the mustard sauce.

He will make you almost any cake to order, but we recommend the Pound Cake Man’s Banana pudding pound cakea dessert that takes two traditional Southern favorites and combines them into one incredible taste sensation.

Grandpa’s Tacos

Grandpa’s Tacos Al Pastor Tacos is so awesome that it won first place in last year’s Fall for Greenville contest (Disclaimer – we were on the judging panel)! Although this traditional taco dish is popular throughout Mexico, every family has their own version. Grandpa uses his grandmother’s recipe for his grilled and shaved pork and adds just the right amount of salsa, cilantro, onions and sweet pineapple. Every bite is truly exceptional.

We love these delicious dishes, but there are over 100 restaurants within a one mile radius in downtown Greenville, so whatever you fancy, you’ll find it.

Enjoy your lunch! Here to eat Well in Greenville!

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