At least 6 injured after car crash at Mexican restaurant in Escondido – NBC 7 San Diego


At least six people were injured when a possibly stolen vehicle crashed into a Mexican restaurant near a busy intersection in Escondido on Thursday evening.

The vehicle crashed into Frida’s Street Tacos restaurant on the southwest corner of the Valley Parkway-Fig Street intersection in Escondido, Escondido police said. The accident was reported around 10:15 p.m.

At around 11 p.m., six people were taken to hospital with serious injuries, according to an EPD sergeant.

A man, a woman and several minors were arrested at the scene after the accident, according to the sergeant. EPD said the crashed car fits the description of a car that was stolen earlier in Oceanside.

Oceanside Police Department confirmed the car was stolen from a parking lot on Seagaze Drive in downtown Oceanside just before 10 p.m. The victim was held at knife threat by two men, the OPD said.

An NBC 7 crew attended the crash scene and saw what looked like a compact SUV inside the restaurant among a pile of broken glass, tables and debris. There was also a pickup truck with damage to the front at the intersection.

Frida’s owner Gracy Ayala was working at an event away from the restaurant when the SUV crashed into it, but she was able to monitor some of the damage remotely using her security system.

Ayala said that one of his employees tried to help the passengers stuck in the wrecked car, but the driver told the employee to leave them alone.

“The guy said, ‘No, no. Just leave it. Leave her, “Ayala said, recounting the driver’s response to Ayala’s employee who was trying to help a passenger who appeared to be injured.” So [the driver] walk to the door [of the restaurant] and I hope they’re just trying to get out of the car and sit here and maybe wait for the police, but no, they’re gone. “

Ayala said the driver and at least four passengers, possibly carrying two infants, attempted to flee from the crash.

“Everyone got out of the car,” Ayala said. “From what I heard earlier, it was a carjack.

Ayala said a pedestrian and passengers in the van were among those hospitalized. There were employees in the store at the time of the accident, but none were injured. No customers were inside.

Ayala said Thursday’s crash was the second time under her property that a car had crashed into her store.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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