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Perfect notes

• Food service at Maryville Jr. High School, 805 Montvale Station Road, Maryville

• Sunrise Child Care Food Service, 115 Cherokee Heights Drive, Maryville

• Bojangles # 1325, 1911 W. Broadway Ave., Maryville

• The barn at Blackberry Farm, 471 Joe Pye Lane, Walland

• Food service at Lanier Elementary School, 6006 Lanier Road, Maryville

• The dogwood at Blackberry Farm, 1471 W. Millers Cove Road, Walland

• Bramble Hall at Blackberry Farm, 463 Joe Pye Lane, Walland


• Burger King # 9977, 115 Lindsay St. Alcoa: 96. Offenses: cleaning stacked containers while wet; plumbing leak under the three-compartment sink; the electrical box needs a faceplate.

• Sunrise China, 2602 US Highway 411 S., Suite 106, Maryville: 92. Violations: thermometer not provided or not accurate; absent insects, rodents and / or animals; incorrectly used and / or stored wiping cloths; non-cleanable, properly designed, constructed and / or used food contact and non-food surfaces; surfaces not in contact with food are not clean; physical facilities not installed, maintained and / or clean; adequate ventilation and / or lighting not provided.

• Maryville High School Café Lereve, 600 W. Broadway Ave., Maryville: 98. Violations: No chlorine test strips handy for the dishwasher; ice buildup around the compressor of the large preparation cooler.

• Maryville High School Food Service, 825 Lawrence Ave., Maryville: 99. Violation: Bottled drinks placed directly on the floor.

• Full Service BBQ, 113 S. Washington St., Maryville: 96. Violations: proper cooling methods not used or inadequate equipment for temperature control; garbage is not properly disposed of and / or facilities are not maintained; physical facilities not installed, maintained and / or clean.

• Two Doors Down, 118 E. Broadway Ave., Maryville: 99. Violation: Laminate on a shabby kitchen table.

• Smoky Mountain Speedway Food Service, 809 Brickmill Road, Maryville: 97. Offenses: Single-use cups placed directly on the ground; no chlorine test strips handy; light ramps in the uncovered kitchen area.

• Maryville Billiards Food Service, 542 E. Broadway Ave., Maryville: 98. Violations: thermometers not provided or accurate; surfaces not in contact with food are not clean.

• Chick-Fil-A, 144 Foothills Mall Drive, Maryville: 99. Offense: Accumulation of food and grime on floors under equipment and shelves.

• Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, 2129 E. Broadway Ave., Maryville: 90. Violations: Dishwasher does not sanitize properly; food in an uncovered cold room in storage; ice scoop placed in an ice machine; food bins not made of food grade plastic; various dirty shelves; dirty floors, walls and ceiling.

• China House, 2909 Old Knoxville Highway, Maryville: 95. Offenses: raw meat in uncovered cold room; cartons of single-use cups stored directly on the ground; storage bins other than food grade plastic; dirty exterior equipment with old grime and cardboard-lined shelves; dirty ceiling, floors and walls with old grease and grime.

• McDonalds # 21687, 2929 Old Knoxville Highway, Alcoa: 97. Offenses: employee drinks stored above food set in a cold room; rusty ice scoop handle; water leak under the soda fountain.

• Firetower Restaurant at Blackberry Mountain, 1940 Three Sisters Road, Walland: 99. Offenses: Employees put away wet, dry wiping towels tucked into the waist of their aprons and thrown over their shoulders.

• Sycamore BMTN Room, 1940 Three Sisters Road, Walland: 99. Violations: Cutting boards with deep cuts and blackened spots.

• Jolt Homemade Mobile Unit, 1921 Big Springs Road, Maryville: 99. Violations: Seal peanut butter when not in use.

• Three Sisters Lodge Food Service, 1940 Three Sisters Road, Walland: 98. Violations: wiping cloths misused and / or stored; utensils, equipment and linen are not properly stored, dried and / or handled.

• Lee’s Chicken, 523 Louisville Road, Alcoa: 97. Offenses: Wiping cloths misused and / or stored; utensil in use improperly stored; uncleanable, properly designed, constructed and / or used food and non-food contact surfaces.

• Beijing Chinese Restaurant, 157 S. Hall Road, Alcoa: 97. Offenses: Contamination not avoided during preparation, storage and / or display of food; surfaces not in contact with food are not clean; physical facilities not installed, maintained and / or clean.

Editor’s Note: All Tennessee restaurant scores can be viewed at Once on the site, restaurants can be searched or filters – such as date range, inspection purpose, and county – can be applied to all inspections. The site will list all inspections and ratings. The PDF used by health inspectors can also be viewed for all inspections.

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