‘Britain’s worst KFC’ has been called a ‘disgusting empty dump’ by diners with ‘dry tasteless chicken’ and ‘scruffy’ staff

A KFC has been called a “filthy dumpster” by diners who claim the restaurant serves dry, tasteless chicken by scruffy staff.

The Northwich, Cheshire branch was rated “terrible” 175 times on TripAdvisor, with only 11 positive reviews.


The Northwich brand has 175 “terrible” ratings on TripAdvisorCredit: Google

A series of sarcastic comments calling for the fried chicken joint target a number of items, from the store’s food to its employees.

One person wrote: “This KFC is the most revolting KFC ever.

“Staff are always unclean: lumpy sauce… bad orders. Every time we complained [we were] The staff member said he had just started his shift but had dried sauce all over his shirt and had really oily hair that he ran his hands through and grabbed our chicken .

“We ordered 2 boxes of sauce which did not contain any sauce, just cold fatty chicken – never again! “

Other blunt reviews include: “Horrible food, scruffy, sloppy staff [with] greasy hair and the dining room is always dirty.

“I would advise anyone to avoid this dump.”

While another reviewer said, “We will have to starve before we go back.”

And another said, “The fries were barely hot and the chicken was oily and pink. No better place for that than the trash ”.

It comes after a Feltham KFC customer in Twickenham was disgusted to find a whole chicken head in her box of KFC Hot Wings.

A shocking photo showed the head – with eyes and a beak – encrusted with crispy dough straight out of the deep fryer.

Client Gabrielle left a two-star JustEat review at the meal.

He would say, “I found a fried chicken head in my hot wings meal. Hand me the rest of my meal, urgh.”

Cruel reviews were aimed at everything from fast food restaurants to workers


Cruel reviews were aimed at everything from fast food restaurants to workersCredit: Credit: Radim Beznoska / Alamy Stock Photo
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