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As a native of Kansas City, I find myself overwhelmed when it comes to finding something to eat that not only tastes good, but also doesn’t take what little money I have. When I’m looking for something to eat after a long week or after an evening class, I want to find something easy with little to no hassle. However, when it comes to finding a place that could meet these requirements, I find the search for the perfect place daunting. I have compiled a list of some of the best restaurants and places to eat that you may not know about that won’t break your bank account but will still give you that feeling of fullness.

To make the list even simpler, I’ve broken down each place by geographic location, distance from Rockhurst, and cheapest to most expensive food on the menu. Everyone deserves a hearty meal, no matter how much they are able to spend.

If you’re like me and don’t have a car, or just love walks, here are some places near Rockhurst where you can get delicious food without a big bill:

Tiki Taco: Although it has yet to open, Tiki Taco will be across Rockhurst University Street, closest to the community center and the McGee dorm. This might be a good place to go if you’re in the mood for Mexican food. After reviewing the menu, it includes all kinds of tacos, burritos, seafood options, Tiki Faves, and even something vegans and vegetarians would enjoy. The cheapest option is a crispy taco for $1.75 and the highest item being a $19.99 pack of twelve crispy tacos.

Urban Cafe: Need a place where you can get organic and vegan meals? Discover Urban Café. This restaurant is a twelve minute walk (depending on where you walk on campus) from Rockhurst University and is located at 5500 Troost Ave. Urban Café offers a Monday-Friday menu that is slightly different from its brunch menu offered on Saturday and Sunday. The restaurant offers a variety of options, including breakfast items, sandwiches and wraps, desserts, and plenty of drinks to sip on while you wait. The cheapest item on the menu is $6, which is a plate of pancakes, and the most expensive item is $23, which includes steak, eggs and fries. After going there myself, I quickly noticed the large portions and the possibility of really getting what you paid for.

The peanut: Although it’s a bit further on foot (30 minutes or seven minutes by car), I’ve never heard The Peanut receive a negative review. This place would be nice to visit if you want to watch sports and bar type food. It’s located at 5000 Main Street and offers appetizers, sandwiches, sides, salads, and a Sunday brunch that are all great options for hanging out with friends or even getting together with family. Menu prices range from $2.50 to $23 and have all sorts of options that even the pickiest eater can enjoy.

Kin Lin: Are you in the mood for Chinese? Like the previous restaurant, this place is a bit of a walk (23 mins or 6 mins by car) but gets a pretty high rating in the end. It is located at 314 E 51st The menu has all types of flavors, combinations and options, making it something perfect for everyone. The price ranges from $10.99 to $16.99.

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