Dinner puzzled by size of pub roast after paying $25 in UK

A restaurant in the UK has shared its surprise after a pub roast it paid for $25 was served.

In a hilarious video shared on ICT Tacthe man can be seen staring at his plate and clutching his hand to his mouth in clear shock.

“What a lonely roast dinner,” the clip, which was shared by one of the other diners at the table, was captioned.

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The man can be seen looking down at his plate and clutching his hand to his mouth in obvious shock. (ICT Tac)

“Where’s the rest?” can we hear the man ask, before adding, “That’s not it, is it?”

In the comments, the poster explained that he ordered a roast turkey and gammon dinner, which cost £15 (about $25), and the restaurant was in “Manchester, Salford way”.

“Wait, is that a roast? Oh my God,” another person at the table can also be heard saying in the video.

Indeed, most of the plate appears empty with a small amount of meat and sauce in the center. Meanwhile, the Yorkshire pudding looks bigger than the real roast.

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A restaurant in the UK shared its surprise when its pub roast arrived after paying $25 for the meal.
A restaurant in the UK was shocked when its pub roast arrived after costing $25. (ICT Tac)

The video was flooded with comments from others who were equally perplexed by the dish.

“Omg I would have been pissed,” one person said.

“I would have taken it back…it’s a sample,” wrote another, while a third said, “No mash, no veggies, should have been half price.”

Meanwhile, one person joked, “He just got roasted.”

To which the original poster replied, “Poor guy is always hungry!”

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