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Shortly after we were seated, a friendly waitress with a welcoming smile greeted us and took our drink order. I mentioned that I thought I saw her at the Hideaway months ago and she laughed, “She’s my sister,” she informed me before getting down to business.

The sandwiches come with coleslaw and fries, and my husband had not one, but two. The Hot-chee dog ($ 7.50) was a no-brainer. To that, he added a cheeseburger ($ 8) and a cup of chili. I found the sirloin sandwich to sound good and when I was offered grilled onions on top I went.

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There are other hot sandwiches with ingredients like turkey, ham, beef, fried oysters, grilled cheese and meatloaf, as well as cold sandwiches, which range from old-fashioned egg salad. to BLTs and the ever popular crab sandwich. .

A selection of salads includes Greek, Chef’s, Mixed Salads and others topped with various proteins such as shrimp, steak and chicken.

Seafood favorites, including haddock, crab cakes, shrimp, oysters and scallops, are served with house and hearty selections like roast turkey (carved) with gravy, chicken and waffles, lamb chops and nostalgic liver and onions. I would be remiss if I did not note that the Mazias family pride themselves on making everything from scratch, from sauces to soups.

Our meals arrived on time, which I estimate to be around 15 minutes – something I certainly don’t take for granted these days; this weekend I waited 40 minutes for lunch at a restaurant in Maryland.

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