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If you’re a dog parent or just a dog lover, you need to check out this list of restaurants that serve food for humans and dogs.

The following list of restaurants will make your dog feel as loved and special as any other customer. The perfect list to celebrate their pooch’s birthday!

The Morrison

This restaurant was named the #1 Dog Friendly Restaurant in the United States by Yelp in 2022. They have three different Pitches in SoCal: Burbank, Atwater Village and Huntington Beach. Their menu mainly consists of burgers, but they also offer a “dog menu” with several options depending on what your dog likes the most for $6 each.

Selections include a “Where’s the beef?” ground beef with rice, “Cock-A-Doodle-Doo” chicken with rice, and hot dogs known as “Frankenweinies”. Each plate comes with sweets and water. Dogs must dine on the terrace.

Another of their specialties (for humans only) is their refreshing selection of beers.

Joselito’s Mexican cuisine

Situated in Tujunga, Joselito’s is a family business mexican restaurant. They have a small, reasonably priced menu for the more creatively named dogs. They have “Aruff con Pollo”, which contains brown rice, chicken and carrots, “Simple Pooch” grilled chicken, “Ay! Chihuahua”, which is a single beef meatball, and the “Big Boy Platter ” of three beef meatballs and rice – perfect for large dogs.

Plates usually range from $2 to $5. They also always provide fresh water for the puppies and a good amount of treats. Their human menu is much more extensive.

The attic

This restaurant consists of the new American kitchen with some traditions, as well as a delicious menu for dogs. Dog options range from small portions of chicken, bacon or sausage for the price of $4 to a skirt steak for $16 as a special treat for your canine friend.

The dog menu is only available on the terrace and the bar. The restaurant is located in Long Beach.

The Park Bench Cafe

This family business restaurant offers entrees for breakfast and lunch, and that’s located near Huntington Dog Beach, making it the perfect brunch spot for dogs and their families. The menu dog offers a wide selection ranging from breakfast options such as “Rover Easy”, which consists of two scrambled eggs, to a “Peanut Butter Bone”, “Hot Diggity Dog” and a chicken breast known as “Bow wow wow”.

Dog menu prices vary between $3 and $4. This restaurant is entirely outdoors, so it’s best to visit in good weather.

The cliff

Directly on the Laguna Beach waterfront is a restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week, including most holidays. Not only The cliff have options for all types of dietary restrictions, but it also offers a full dog menu. They offer the “Precious Puppy Plate” which has several options like chicken, salmon, beef, prime rib or oatmeal. They also have an assortment of dog treats, when you’re just looking to provide them with a lighter snack.

Restaurant and bar for lazy dogs

This restaurant wears a singular menu and is known for its homemade “TV dinners” and “Roadtrip bowls”. But what it’s also known for is offering dog food on their patio, such as a bowl of grilled burger patty and a bowl of grilled chicken breast, both served with brown rice and vegetables, for $5. They have many locations throughout Southern California including Downey, Valencia, Torrance, etc.

Panxa Cocine

Located in Long Beach, this Latin cuisine restaurant offers vegan options not only for human guests, but also for furry friends. Their specialty is brunch and dinner, and they’re open every day except Mondays and Tuesdays. Their $5″menu dogfeatures vegan black beans, sweet potato medley, and shredded chicken with brown rice. Perfect for dogs that may have sensitive stomachs.

golden road

If you are a fan of breweries and happy hoursthen get ready for “Puppy Hour” at this pub. They have locations in Los Angeles, Downtown LA, Anaheim, and Huntington Beach. They’ve launched a “Puppy Hour” menu with proceeds going to local rescue shelters. Their dog menu offers human-grade ground turkey puppy food with carrots, spinach, and peas for just $5. While you enjoy a cold beer, your dog can also enjoy a small treat.

Rock & beers

Inspired by the rock music and co-owned by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS, dine at this restaurant is an absolute experience. They have locations in Corona, Redondo Beach, Buena Park, El Segundo, etc. However, some places like LAX and San Manuel Casino do not allow dogs. Their dog menu offers grilled hot dogs, hamburger patties and bacon for $5, and grilled chicken breasts for $6.

El Ranchito d’Avila

Scattered throughout Orange County is the answer to your mexican food cravings. This restaurant not only offers food for humans, but it also offers chicken or steak with rice and beans for your four-legged friend. Only those with outdoor dining allow dogs, such as Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, Laguna Beach and After.

Tavern for wet dogs

This casual bar and restaurant live is located in Huntington Beach. Dogs and their families are welcome to eat meals together. The menu dog offers a beef patty, grilled chicken or scrambled eggs for $3 or grain-free beef croquettes for $1.

Molly’s Supper

Situated in Uplands is a fellow dog lover’s favorite where they serve breakfast, brunch or lunch. The restaurant looks like a small house with a welcoming atmosphere, and if you choose to dine at the “Pooch Patio”, your four-legged best friend can dine with you. Their “doggie menu” offers chicken, beef, or eggs and cheese, for $3. Sweets are also available upon arrival.


In Temecula saw what was once an old Living room with a name that comes from the year it was rebuilt after its fire in 1908, which became a bar and restaurant. It now offers a “4 Legged Friends” menu with chicken breast, burger patty, boneless ribeye steak, ranging from $6 to $10, and they also offer “pupcakes” for dessert without icing.

Johnny Rockets

At Rancho Cucamonga location there is a special surprise waiting for each guest dog. They offer a special dog menu, which includes chicken, beef, bacon, eggs, or hot dogs, all for $2-3.

Snacks and more


Reward your dog for being such a great companion with a “Cake” to all Sprinkles location, or order it online. These sugar-free frozen yogurt cupcakes are the perfect way to treat your dog. Their Pitches include the Americana at Brand in Glendale, Downtown Disney in Anaheim and the Promenade at Westlake in Westlake Village.


Get a “puppuccino!” At every Starbucks location, you can take your pup and ask him for a “puppuccinowhich is actually just a small cup of whipped cream for your furry friend. It’s a treat and all dogs love it.

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