Dundalk Diner celebrates a double bounce


DUNDALK, Maryland – After battling a pandemic, just to be taken out of service for over a month by a water main rupture, the Boulevard Diner in Dundalk is making a comeback!

They are back to serve something special beyond what their guests see on a menu.

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“You never appreciate a good thing until it’s gone. This is a lesson that Marc Tsakiris learned the hard way; but, he was happier than ever to reopen on Tuesday.

“We were here every week saying open yet? Open yet?” remembers Denny Urbach.

For people who see Boulevard Diner as an extension of their dining room table, it’s a miracle that they’re open again, even though the rain couldn’t stop.

“We’ve been coming here at least once or twice a week since they opened 20 years ago,” Urbach told WMAR.

He, his wife and daughter tell us that the restaurant has always been a special place for their family for every occasion, whatever the generation.

“We asked him where Trey would like to go to dinner, what restaurant you want for graduation, he said at the restaurant,” he recalls.

“That’s why it’s a bit moving to see everyone coming back. These people who believe in us and who have been with us from the start,” said owner Marc Tsakiris.

A week ago, he showed WMAR how floodwaters shut them down for weeks, damaging his restaurant and everything it took to keep it running.

“We weren’t doing anything at all, trying to pay our employees and pay our bills that were a little bit overdue, so there was a point where I was like whoa maybe we won’t be back,” a he declared.

Staying afloat during this time was a bigger challenge than he ever imagined for himself and the restaurant workers.

“Not being able to know when we’ll be back, when we’ll see everyone else because there have been a few times they were like maybe we could open up. But we just didn’t know when that was going to happen,” says Angel and Madison who both work in the restaurant.

Tuesday’s opening was a special reunion for them and for many of their repeat customers, but for Angel and Madison, “It was just coming in here and seeing her, love her. Definitely we missed our colleagues. . “

Marc enjoys redoing what he grew up watching his father do, giving their guests something special to always look forward to.

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