Faces of RGV: The Town of Lyford


The RGV is full of activities and restaurants run by the local community. The faces of the RGV will be highlighted on the community and its stories.

LYFORD, TX (ValleyCentral) – This week, ValleyCentral is taking you on a ride to the Bulldogs’ home. Located in Willacy County between Raymondville and Sebastian. Founded in 1907, the town of Lyford has an estimated population of just over 2,500. Family businesses and shops make up the city. Like many small towns, Lyford prides itself on its school sports teams. Dubbed the Home of Patriotism, many residents will go out on Friday nights to watch the Bulldogs play. On the outside, Lyford may not have much to showcase, but on closer inspection there is a lot more.


Upon entering the city, one of the first things the city comes up with is a design honoring its Lyford CISD school district. Housing three school levels, primary, intermediate and secondary, they all share the same mascot, the bulldog. The House of Patriotism slogan acts as a symbol of pride for the school and the city. Located next to the schools is the Lyford Bulldog stadium where various sports are played. Football, athletics, soccer are some of the sports that the stadium hosts throughout the school year. Capable of accommodating 2,800 fans, the stadium sees crowds crowding into the stands to watch their favorite team play. Like many places, the city also has a municipal park in the center of the city for the enjoyment of families. A main road connects the city, making it easier to get around.

Family roots – Antojitos Doña Luz

With two years of activity, Antojitos Doña Luz first started in Raymondville before moving to Lyford. Open for a year in Lyford, the restaurant is one of the town’s family businesses. Started by Maria Muñoz and her husband. Their daughter Sheila Gonzalez, who also works as a waitress and cashier, helps them. Traditional Mexican cuisine made with love is the restaurant’s goal according to Muñoz and her husband. Some traditional dishes include recognizable dishes like tacos, enchiladas, and fajita platters. The restaurant is named after Gonzalez’s grandmother to honor both her name and family roots. Items generally associated with Mexican culture are located inside the restaurant. Crosses, works of art and decorations give the place a feeling of being at home. “The response from the people of Lyford has been very positive and we hope to stay here for a long time and grow the business,” said Muñoz.

Editor note: quotes were in spanish and have been translated to english.

Forty years of activity-Various flowers and gifts

Since 1979, Variety Flowers & Gifts has provided the community with handmade flower indictments and gifts. Created by Gabriela Gutierrez, the local store is one of Lyford’s oldest businesses. At twenty-four, Gutierrez opened the store creating indictments for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, funerals, and more. From colorful patterns to classic greenery, the boutique has something for every person’s needs. Using his hands, Gutierrez and his team are able to create specialized items tailored to each client. Through the ups and downs over the years, the company has continued to stay strong, according to Gutierrez. “Just knowing that we can be of help when people need us is a blessing or making someone happy when it’s a sad occasion or an occasion like a birthday. Creating questions and bringing smiles means making a positive difference to the community. Not all designs are the same, which allows Gutierrez to try something different with every request. “We have a bit of everything to offer the public,” said Gutierrez.

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