Find the best food trucks around Woodland Hills

Food trucks in the City of Angels are about as common as seeing Mexican restaurants, surf shops, or beautiful socialites with their blonde tresses and expensive sunglasses cruising down Sunset Boulevard in a convertible Benz. In fact, this style of cooking has become so popular in SoCal that the kinds of categories it fills have grown like wildfire in the Golden State — from tacos and pizza to artisan coffee.

To call the dietary delights served by these mobile businesses “comfort food” is an understatement, as the concept has been taken several delicious notches when it comes to a food truck menu. Below, you’ll find our top picks for some of the best food truck locations around Woodland Hills, so if you enjoy on-the-go dining of a higher caliber, you won’t want to skip this roundup.

Cerda Vega is the brainchild of two Mexican Americans who share a passion for their heritage as well as their love for food and flair for fun, bringing the authenticity of a true taco truck experience to the streets of LA Serving “deliciously prepared delicious food”, Cerda Vega offers everything from burritos and tacos to Mexican French Dips, Quesa Birria, Mulitas, Birra Ramen, Loaded Fries, Vampiros and even Vegan nachos. Call (818) 578-9255 for truck arrival information.

BBQ and tacos in Zamorales, docking at 5800 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, sets up shop Wednesday through Sunday at the northwest corner of Warner Park and serves a multitude of tasty specialties, Alpastor and Asada for Mulitas, cheese steaks and more. Friendly staff complement reasonable prices, which makes Zamorales one of the first food trucks Los Angelinos think of when it’s time for a casual, affordable meal.

Acasa food truck, parked at 5806 White Oak Avenue in Encino, serves California-style Mexican cuisine that offers you the opportunity to savor incredible flavors from an extensive menu. In the past year alone, Acasa has done more than 60 holiday restoration jobs, baked 23,170 tacos and welcomed 6,309 new family members – and the story is just beginning. Led by Italian master chef Pablo Merida, with 13 years of experience in fine Italian cuisine, Acasa and its delights exude unique accents that put a new spin on traditional Mexican dishes. Try the famous Churros Triobursting with three flavors in one treat, or savor the flavors of Latin America in one bite with the Plate of chipotle cream chicken. Not your typical food truck experience, so treat yourself.

Ohana Hibachi at 1539 Fishburn Avenue in Los Angeles, was established in the summer of 2020, its three chefs having years of experience in various positions in the restaurant industry. Specializing in high quality, locally sourced organic Japanese meats and vegetables, Ohana Hibachi has become a favorite among Woodland Hills locals who appreciate fast, fresh Japanese cuisine, whether it’s free-range chicken Jidori, fresh-caught salmon, jumbo prawns, premium tenderloin and rib eye, marinated kalbi short ribs or kushiyaki with tofu and marinated vegetable skewers. Each plate is served with a choice of white, brown or unique chile garlic ryu fried rice or furikake fried rice, as well as a sautéed assortment of seasonal vegetables including carrots, cauliflower, snow peas everything, asparagus or any other seasonal product. vegetarian.

wings of kings is a family-owned and operated mobile restaurant that provides the local community with fresh, made-to-order meals loaded with non-GMO, local and organically grown ingredients whenever possible. Unlike large restaurant chains, wings of kings The goal is to offer the best healthy options without forcing customers to sacrifice tasty comfort foods, while maintaining a fun and friendly “environment”. Choose from combos, wings-only platters, loaded fries, and a host of tasty drinks guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.

Saty Lisa at 444 Zachary Street Office 120 in Moorpark was established in 2021 and specializes in making all customers feel at home with down-to-earth menu items, especially meat skewers such as pork/chicken satay. For a wonderful taste of Southeast Asia, nothing better than Saty Lisafrom deep-fried veggie fritters brimming with tofu to empanada and beyond — in fact, many Woodland Hills locals go so far as to call this one of the best new trucks in the game. Valley, offering menu items that are bursting with flavor. If you’re having trouble associating an LA-area food truck with the phrase “cooked to perfection,” you’ll be very surprised when you give Saty Lisa A try.

The best food trucks are those with a clear concept, a tight menu, and a regular line out, and these aforementioned picks around Woodland Hills will redefine the meaning of “mobile kitchen” for you, guaranteed.

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