Flavor of Mexico, bury the hatchet, coffee that cares

A brief overview of openings, closings and other business changes in the Augusta area:

Your drinks will arrive shortly

The new Mexican restaurant in the Augusta area is ready to open now. But the owners are waiting for their Columbia County liquor license application to be approved.

Otherwise, Señor Mezcal Mexican Kitchen and Cantina would not be able to serve the agave liqueur on behalf of the company.

“We’ve been ready since January, actually December,” owner Abimael Lagunes said on Friday. “We can sell food but we don’t want to open without alcohol.”

Dozens of Mexican restaurants are flooding the local market, from small family operations to national chains. So Lagunes decided to create “something completely different from other restaurants around”.

Señor Mezcal’s cuisine, drinks and decoration favor authenticity. A signature dish is the tacos al pastor made not of meat tossed on a grill, but pork slowly roasted on an upright roasting pan and shaved as it continues to cook.

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Popular drinks such as margaritas, piña coladas and mojitos will be made “from scratch” and not from bottled cocktail mixes, Lagunes said.

Calaveras, or decorative Mexican skulls, overlook the dining room. Portraits on tables show Mexican celebrities from the Golden Age such as Maria Félix and Pedro Infante. Murals depicting whimsical Mexican themes were painted by students from the John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School.

Final approval for the restaurant’s liquor license is expected in early March, Lagunes said, and it hopes to open as soon as possible thereafter.

All you have to do is an ax

When Source Code Escape Games opened its four downtown escape rooms in 2017, its offering of recreational activities included ax throwing – throwing sharp steel axes at stationary wooden targets.

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Ax throwing became so popular that the company was renamed Broad Ax Throwing. Eight ax throwing rooms have been added to its location at 1028 Broad St., and a groundbreaking ceremony for the self-proclaimed “grand reopening” of the business is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Feb. 18.

Would you like a coffee with that?

Last month, The Augusta Chronicle reported that a Whit’s Frozen Custard franchise is being built at 3118 Washington Road, next to the Krystal hamburger restaurant across from the Augusta Business Center shopping strip.

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Whit’s menu, at least officially, lacks one category: drinks. The choice of offering drinks, and which drinks, seems to be left to individual franchisees.

The next Augusta Whit’s is about drinks. According to Augusta city planning documents, a Land of a Thousand Hills Cafe is being built along with the Custard Venue.

Its name is taken from a nickname for the Central African nation of Rwanda. The company’s founder, Jonathan Golden, started processing coffee beans in this country after the 1994 civil war, in order to restore broken trust between farmers and the coffee business as a whole.

The company’s Do Good initiative helps support community development projects in Rwanda. Today, there are 12 LTH sites from Massachusetts to Texas, and six of them are in the Atlanta metro area.

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