Florissant City Diner thrives during pandemic

The owner of the Florissant City Diner thanks the community for supporting him through thick and thin

FLORISSANT, Mo. – Chances are you’ve probably heard of the Golden Rule, which says “do to others what you would like others to do to you.” It’s a philosophy that seems to work for the Florissant City Diner.

The restaurant is doing well during the pandemic. Every day the coffee is hot and the hot plate sizzles.

“We’ve been busy,” restaurant owner Adam Akbulut told 5 On Your Side.

While some restaurants have had to close due to issues such as COVID-19 protocols or staff shortages, business has been good at the restaurant. People jumped at the chance to work there.

“I was given this opportunity and it was right, I clicked,” said waitress Alayna Abel.

“I’ve been waiting at the table in the town of Florissant for a little over 20 years. I went to the Florissant City Diner during the pandemic, ”added waitress Kristian Lambert.

They credit Akbulut for luring them to the restaurant by the way he treats his team.

“It helps to have a good boss to work for,” Lambert said.

“They mean a lot to me. We are a strong and happy team, ”Akbulut said.

They happily serve the community. And the community returned the favor by entering and respecting the phrase “Florissant Strong”.

“We have been through a very difficult year and we have come out with this campaign,” said Mayor of Florissant, Tim Lowery.

“The pandemic has many challenges. The restaurant would not survive without this community, ”Akbulut said with a smile.

Thanks to the support of the community, the restaurant thrives and survives. Akbulut believes that the key to success is to “do your job well and take care of your community”. And there is hope for their future.

“It’s just going to get better, better and better,” Abel said.

Get more information and view the menu on the Florissant City Diner Facebook page.

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