Floyd’s Diner will take over Sassy’s in Brentwood Bay in November

(Jérémy Thom/Facebook)

On Tuesday afternoon, the peninsula was abuzz with rumors of what was happening at former sassy restaurant location.

Throughout the day the facade has been spray painted in a familiar shade of pink and that can only mean one thing in Victoria.

On Wednesday afternoon, those suspicions were confirmed by a representative from Floyd’s Diner.

Floyd’s Diner operations manager Michelle Boyd hopes the newest addition to the Floyd’s family will open in November.

“It might be earlier than that, but it all depends on all the bureaucracy we have to go through,” Boyd told Victoria Buzz.


This iconic pink restaurant will replace the former Sassy’s restaurant in Brentwood Bay

When asked if the property occupied by the new restaurant should be redeveloped by the owners, Michelle told us that she could not comment on the rumored redevelopment, that should say enough for Floyd’s to come in and feel confident that they have time there.

“We try to take the long view,” Boyd said. “I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere in the foreseeable future.”

She also said the interior would be much the same as the old Sassy’s space.

“All [in the kitchen] that we’ll be working with will be pretty much new,” Boyd told Victoria Buzz.

The kitchen equipment was old and had seen ‘many years of breakfasts’ so they replaced most of the kitchen.

She also said, regarding worker safety, “we are making sure all floors are ready for our new kitchen staff to do their jobs unmolested.”

Floyd’s James Bay location on Menzies Avenue has a beautiful Marylin Monroe mural that’s very on-brand for the 60s-inspired dinner party.

When asked whether or not the new location would have an artist commissioned to create a similar mural, Boyd said, “We really hope that happens soon.”

Floyd’s Diner (Michael Johnston Facebook)

“At the moment it remains a vision and it will be a surprise whatever we do.”

“We’re so excited to be a part of this community,” Boyd said. “We hope to make everyone full and happy.”

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