Food handling issues a concern at Tequila Amigo’s Mexican Grill in South Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WATE) – Food handling and hygiene issues were discovered during an initial health inspection at a Mexican restaurant in South Knoxville. Handling ready-to-eat foods and not washing your hands properly were among the offenses.

Tequila Amigo’s Mexican Grill, 116 Green Road – grade: 73; follow-up note: 93

Tequila Amigo’s Mexican Grill on Green Road got a 73, a passing grade. Any score below 70 is considered a failure. A follow-up inspection has already been carried out.

The health inspector’s report found a number of violations among the staff. A cook was seen wiping his hands on clothes instead of washing them with soap and water.

Kitchen workers were also seen grabbing lettuce and ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands. Gloves are necessary to avoid potential contamination. The workers also ate and drank while they were on the food preparation line.

The beef tips were kept at 112 degrees, but 135 and above is the safe, hot temperature to kill the growth of bacteria. In the walk-in freezer, food was stored on the floor rather than on shelves.

Finally, a bucket where wet wiping cloths are kept for cleaning tables did not contain disinfectant.

Tequilia Amigo’s Mexican restaurant has been inspected again. All initial violations have been corrected. The new rating is a 93.

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