Fun adventures and delicious food recommendations for the whole family

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If you want to get out and do fun things with your family, you need @thebellamyadventures in your life. Jessica Corral shares delicious food recommendations and fun activities you can do with your family.

Today she spoke to viewers about Escalante Escapes. These are small luxury homes right next to Capitol Reef. You can go out and explore the beautiful nature during the day and enjoy a starry night on the balcony.

Corral says she has a family of foodies. One of their recent finds was The Holy Grill and Bar in Pleasant Grove. She said they had so many BBQ smoked meat options. The owner recommended a turkey breast with homemade mustard and Corral seconded that dish. She said it was so good and her kids loved it too.

Another family favorite is Fish Kiss Fish Spa in Provo, Utah. Guests experience a fish-eating spa experience. This is actually where the fish eat the dead skin on your feet. It’s a family atmosphere and part of the profits are donated to charity.

Finally, Taqueria Los Lee is a Mexican restaurant in SLC. It’s a mom and pop with delicious Mexican food. You can feel good eating here because you’re supporting local.

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