German student enjoys everything Bellisario College, Penn State has to offer

This enthusiasm shone in the classroom. Will Yurman, an associate professor of education, said Jankir had adapted perfectly to the American classroom. He brought knowledge of the language and culture that helped his projects thrive.

“What I saw in my class was Hevi’s interpersonal skills and his skills as a storyteller,” Yurman said. “I think it will serve him well. He was also comfortable with technology and learning.

For his television film production course, Jankir and his classmates led a broadcast of the 2021 Penn State Homecoming Parade. Class speaker Bill Hallman said Jankir’s career preference was an unusual choice, but, due to his passion for audio work and his desire to take on challenges, not an aspirational choice.

“Hevi revolved around one of the most complex jobs in my class. Hardly anyone volunteers to be the audio operator,” Hallman said. “I think Hevi’s background in technology and media engineering helped make that kind of ambition possible.”

Hallman recalled seeing Jankir wear two headsets on Homecoming — listening to the show’s hosts in one and listening to the director’s instructions in the other — while carefully adjusting the levels and balancing the audio output.

“I realize how difficult this job is when you do it in your native language,” Hallman said. “The fact that he did everything in English blew my mind.”

Jankir’s time at Penn State was sponsored by a German government scholarship which provides funding for students to study in the United States. As part of the program, Jankir shared her experiences in blogs and online videos. In October, he was accompanied by a German film crew who recorded a weekend in Happy Valley through the eyes of Jankir.

“They came for the Homecoming football game and for the parade,” Jankir said. “I felt a bit like a movie star.”

The video team recorded Jankir’s magic behind the soundboard during the Homecoming parade, as well as him working in the CommRadio studio. They also followed Jankir to his favorite spots on campus to get a taste of his Happy Valley experience.

Jankir said the difference between American schools and German schools is striking. Classes are larger in German schools and there is hardly any life on campus. Penn State’s large campus, active student life, and school spirit were exactly what he was looking for.

“Because we had such small classes at Bellisario College, it was easy to bond with classmates,” Jankir said. “You could talk to teachers easily and they knew you by name.”

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