Get 50,000USD for used car loan.


Entrust the preparation of your loan for a used car to an experienced broker:

Entrust the preparation of your loan for a used car to an experienced broker:

He will make you benefit from his contacts and will get you the best arrangement. See of critique.

The used car loan is a bank loan intended exclusively for the purchase of a used car from a garage or an individual. For a model of less than 3 years, you can get up to $ 50,000 without contribution – a credit which you can freely repay between 36 and 60 months. For the acquisition of a car over 3 years old, if you can also obtain a credit of up to $ 50,000 without contribution, you will only be able to reimburse between 42 and 60 months.

But, to take full advantage of all the intricacies of the used car loan , it is better to rely on a broker. Prefer a professional who is well established in the region and has solid experience. From then on, he will study your request and give you an answer quickly so that you can continue your project, as soon as possible.

Get your second-hand car loan quickly with Good Finance:

Get your second-hand car loan quickly with Credit Direct:

When you decide to buy a vehicle, it is usually a project that you want to achieve in a short time. Indeed, the car having become the means of transport par excellence, we need it quickly. This is why Good Finance strives to provide a response as quickly as possible to your request for a used car loan. We study your file upon receipt and contact you as soon as we have found the best organization with the best offer. To help us go even faster, don’t forget any documents in your file.

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Type of loan Personal loan / All reasons / Various purchases Financing notary fees Works credit / Renovation / Energy new vehicle financing Used vehicle financing less than 3 years Used vehicle financing More than 3 years Classic mortgage loan (house purchase, construction, refinancing, consolidation, works, purchase abroad) Selected capital Duration chosen (number of monthly payments)

  • 24
  • 30
  • 36
  • 42
  • 48
  • 60
  • 72
  • 84
  • 96
  • 108
  • 120

Amount borrowed: $ 1,300 Duration: 24 Monthly payment: $ 61.63 Total cost : $ 31,200 TAEG *: 13.5 Fixed debtor rate: 13.5 Nominal annual rate *: 13.5 Nominal annual rate = real rate which corresponds to the monthly payment Amount borrowed: $ 1,300 Duration: 24 Monthly payment: $ 61.63 Submit your request

  • Identity card front / back
  • Marriage contract (separation of property) / transcription and divorce agreement
  • Compromise of sale / offer to purchase
  • If already an owner: notarial acts (title deed / credit act)
  • Proof of income for the last 3 months (salary slips, extracts from family allowances, alimony received, pension, unemployment, invalidity, mutual insurance, work accident, etc.)
  • Last role extract warning received
  • If independent: last 2 balance sheets + company number
  • If rental income (= rents received): lease contracts + the last 3 extracts with the payment of rents
  • If work to be done: quote
  • If credits in progress: contract / amortization schedule (last statement for credit facilities)

If you do not have all the documents, you will send us what is missing in due time. All originals will be returned to you. Documents required when submitting the file Personal loan: all reasons, various purchases Credit pool (s)  Works / Renovation 


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