Graduate Student Carla Burgos Preserves UTSA’s Famous Mexican Cookbook Collection | UTSA today | UTSA

“Carla’s work augments the countless hours Special Collections has contributed to digitizing our handwritten cookbooks,” said Amy rushes, Deputy Vice-Provost for Special Collections. “By transcribing the digitized copies, she allows online visitors from around the world to search and find historic Mexican recipes.”

Before beginning to transcribe, Burgos reads and rereads several pages of a cookbook to understand the syntax and grammar of that era. Once the transcription is complete, she returns to ensure that the grammar and syntax are consistent.

“When I transcribe, I enter into the author’s life. I can see how their life revolved around cooking, manipulating ingredients, and creating the perfect dish,” said Burgos, a graduate student in the College of Liberal Arts and Fine Arts’ history of art program. arts from UTSA. “It takes a long time, but I like it.”

Rushing added: “Carla’s work reflects our commitment to sharing our collections with a wider audience and complements the goals of ¡Ven a Comer! event, which is to celebrate Mexican cuisine and our cultural ties with Mexico.

Featuring renowned chefs from San Antonio and Mexico, ¡Ven a Comer! will include a multi-course dinner with modern interpretations of food and spirits from some of the cookbooks Burgos has translated.

“Thanks to events like this and the support of so many people, the Mexican cookbook collection has become an important resource for telling the story of Mexican cuisine and lifestyle,” said Philippe BarreraDirector of UTSA Library Development.

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