Headlines: El Salvador’s deadliest day in 30 years; Dangerous chemicals found in your fast food packaging

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—Floyd Mayweather, Ronaldinho and Mike Tyson are among the athletes featured in a recent propaganda video praising and promoting the combat training club of the pro-Russian and anti-LGBT Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov. [Karim Zidan/Twitter]

—El Salvador has declared a state of emergency over gang killings, following a series of random killings that reportedly resulted in 62 homicides on Saturday, the country’s highest death toll in 30 years. [CNN/NY Times]

“After being slapped by Will Smith…live on stage…during the Oscars…Chris Rock refused to file a complaint with the LAPD. [LAT]

—Tributes continue to pour in for Taylor Hawkins, the talented Foo Fighters drummer raised in Laguna Beach, after his death in Bogota, Colombia, ahead of a scheduled concert at the festival last Friday. [MSN]

—Of all the Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles, Vogue comes in Casablanca in Venice. [Vogue]

—LeBron James sprained his ankle in a game on Sunday, wondering if he’ll miss any upcoming games. [ESPN]

—Grocers in Southern California have voted to strike if the supermarket owner does not meet their wage demands. [NBC]

—The LA Sheriff’s Department has concealed video of a March 2021 incident in which an officer knelt on a handcuffed suspect’s head for three minutes. [LAT]

-Legislation that prohibits your ability to film police in action is on the rise nationwide, despite such footage highlighting serious abuses by authorities in the past. [Vice]

A Consumer Reports study found quantities of dangerous chemicals known as PFAs in fast food packaging from restaurants including Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Sweetgreen, Nathan’s Famous, Cava, Arby’s and Stop & Shop. . [Consumer Reports]

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