Health District cites seven restaurants this week – Oxford Observer

The Butler County Health District cited seven Oxford restaurants with serious health violations this week.

The inspector found no critical violations during his visits to Dollar Tree #4414, 540 S. Locust St. and Armstrong Student Center – Red Zone, 550 Spring St.

Mexican restaurant Fiesta Charra, 25 W. High St., received three critical violations on Sept. 30. These included improper packaging of dried chillies due to contamination and failure to store cold foods at the correct temperature. Flies around kitchen and drains required pest control service.

Drop In Tea, 5 S. Beech St., received two critical violations for the ice machine not being clean and for not keeping the boba at a high enough temperature (corrected during inspection) on September 29 .

Buffalo Wild Wings #363, 10 E. Walnut St., received two serious infractions for not keeping cold food at the correct temperature (corrected during inspection) and for having flies in the establishment on the 29th september.

Oxford Sushi King, 37 E. High St., received two serious infractions for not holding ready-to-eat foods at the correct temperature and for incorrectly marking dates on foods (both corrected during inspection) September 29.

Ramen Hachi, 17 W. Church St., received a repeat violation for improper use of sanitizing solution during his follow-up inspection Sept. 30.

Western Dining Commons, 480 Western Drive, received a repeat critical violation for not having enough space around pipelines on September 30.

Church Street Social, 107 E. Church St., received a critical violation for using disinfectant solution incorrectly on September 30

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