Helpful humans step in to save life from stifling dinner

It’s always good to remember that no matter how bad and negative the world can seem at times, there is always more good in the world than bad.

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While it doesn’t always look like this (considering we’re still working through an entire pandemic), a little reminder never hurt anyone.

If you ever feel like you need a little pick-me-up, let us introduce you to the Reddit thread – HumansBeingBros.

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On this thread, users share videos and images of humans being brothers, in other words, humans doing good deeds and helping each other.

There are a wide variety of wellness videos out there that will make you smile, but one recent video has caught everyone’s attention for all the right reasons.

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The video shows a guest enjoying a meal when he suddenly collapses in his chair. He appears to be unconscious.

Customers around him quickly realize that he might be in trouble and get up to help.

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It appears the man choked before he passed out, so they tried to dislodge the blockage in order to get him to breathe again.

Watch the video to see what happens next:

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