Historic Brint’s Diner in South Wichita to reopen soon


The historic Brint’s Diner at 4834 E. Lincoln, closed since April, is about to have a new tenant.

Robert Lolar, a former local basketball star who has run a mobile barbecue business in Arkansas City for about a year, plans to open his first brick-and-mortar restaurant in space in the next few weeks. He is aiming for an opening date in mid-September but may have to push it back to early October, he said.

It will keep the Brint’s Diner name – which was part of the deal when it signed the lease with the new owners of the historic Valentine Diner – but it will put its own twist on the menu. Earlier in the day he will serve breakfast and other dinner options, then in the evening he will switch to a menu of what he calls “fallen angel” meals, which will be grills, soul food and Mexican dishes which were his favorites. of his deceased family members.

“I’ve always loved to cook,” he says. “That’s what our family does when we get together. We all cook different meals.

Lolar, who lives in Arkansas City, was operating his Bob’s barbecue at various locations around town when he heard about the Brint’s Diner space. Earlier this summer, the building received new owners – a Nashville-based commercial real estate company called Brookwood Capital Advisors – who in June made a Facebook ad for a new tenant and offered six months of free rent plus 10 $ 000 to help with start-up costs.

Lolar said he was delighted to find the “historic” space and said he was also going to keep the historic name well.

Once it’s up and running, Lolar said, its hours will be 5 a.m. to midnight every day.

Its breakfast and lunch menu will include bacon and eggs, hash browns, hot dogs and burgers. In the evening, it will move on to the tribute menu. A few examples he offered included mom’s lasagna, a specialty of his late mother, Georgia, and Elijah’s laden potato, a favorite of his late son.

He’ll also have neck bones and a cabbage dish named after his late Aunt Cassie, and anyone who can finish Leland’s Platter – a bunch of brisket, fried ribs and more named for his cousin – l ‘will get it for free.

Lolar said he has held a variety of jobs over the years, but most people in his hometown remember him as a basketball player. Not only did he play at South High School in the early 1990s, he also played at Butler Community College, Highland Community College – where he was a second All American team – and finally the University of North Dakota, where a knee injury ended his athletic career.

Robert Lolar performed for Butler Community College in the 1990s. This photo was taken in 1997. File photo The Wichita Eagle

The Eagle introduced Lolar in 2015 after being shot eight times and surviving.

Brint’s Diner, a pre-fab Valentine Diner that opened in 1960, is a longtime Wichita favorite that has had many owners and operators over the decades. It was closed by its last tenants in April and the building was quickly put on the market.

Previously, it was owned by longtime Wichita businessman and owner Homer Morgan, who died in February 2020. But Brookwood Capital Advisors, who also bought and then leased the old Church’s Chicken building at 1302 N. Broadway in Krispy Krunchy Chicken in June 2019, ripped off the construction of the Brint, delighted that it was featured in Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”. back in 2007.

I’ll let you know when Lolar has a firm opening date.

Denise Neil has been covering dining and entertainment since 1997. Her Dining with Denise Facebook page is the go-to place for diners looking for local restaurant information. She is a regular judge at local culinary competitions and speaks to groups across Wichita about catering.

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