Homemade Mexican food from Nayeli’s Delcias

By John Lee | [email protected] | Twitter: @ jcl1987

Nayeli’s Delicias, located at 315 N. Nelson, was once known as El Toro Bronco, but after changing brands, they still offer delicious home-cooked Mexican food.

The family restaurant has been open for a year at the same location and offers daily specials.

“We serve all kinds of Mexican food,” owner Jesus Soto said. “Enchiladas, tortas, tacos, etc.”

Soto believes it’s their food and flavor that sets them apart from other Mexican restaurants in town.

Her sister and co-owner Raschell Gamez noted that it’s the family recipes that set their items apart.

“We use a lot of homemade recipes,” Raschell Gamez said. “These are our mom’s recipes.”

The most popular item on the menu is the family-sized “Happy Box” for $ 25.99.

“These are birria tacos, it’s not quite brisket but it does come with cheese and other toppings,” Soto said. “It comes with tacos, tortas, two quesadillas, charro beans, a dip (consome) and fries and salsa.”

Nayeli’s also serves breakfast, including the Big Breakfast meal.

“It comes with eggs, bacon, ham, pancakes, sausage and hash browns,” Soto said. “It’s a pretty big plate for $ 8.99.”

Nayeli’s also sells Mexican sweets and soft drinks.

“I make sweet waters with lemons, cantelope and pineapple,” Gamez said. “I also do Mexican drinks and non-alcoholic stuff.”

The family-run restaurant, which currently has six employees, would like to see its business expand to more locations in the future.

Nayeli’s is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week, with daily specials on their Facebook page.

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