How diners rate the restaurants at The Hive – ready for the Christmas rush

It’s that time of year when shoppers are actively trying to get their hands on those must-have Christmas presents and we all know shopping is a hungry job.

If you’ve whetted your appetite while shopping in Hanley, you might be wondering where the best places to eat are – and where you should avoid.

In the past, many people would have headed straight for the Potteries Center food court to fill up after a busy shopping spree.

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And while this old dining room is fondly remembered and missed very much, the development of The Hive brought food back to the mall.

We took a look at recent TripAdvisor reviews of The Hive’s four restaurants – Nando’s, Chiquito, Bon Pan Asian, and The Burger Priest – to see what diners think of the available options.

Chiquito at the Beehive in Hanley


Chiquito, in Unit 5, has a score of 4 out of 651 reviews. The vast majority – 317 – are excellent, with 137 very good, 82 average, 66 bad and 44 terrible.

danbH710CP was particularly impressed with the way his staff interacted with his autistic son. Giving them five stars, he wrote: “As a little treat after a busy morning, we brought our autistic son to Chiquito for a mocktail. Tom the bartender listened to him and took his order and gave him made an alcoholic cocktail off the menu to meet his tastes and texture needs.Tom was kind, patient and super polite.

“He even took the mocktail all the way to the end of the bar so he could see it getting ready, and the mocktails we had were absolutely brilliant as well. The service here is second to none. It’s always a pleasure. looking forward to our next visit. Hope with food as last month’s meeting was a great experience. “

Sarahdowling97 enjoyed an evening with co-workers, citing waiter Ryou for his praise. In another five star review she wrote: “The staff were very accommodating for our working night. There were only four of us and Ryou was extremely accommodating, especially with all the modifications and also good at recommending dishes. Amazing fajitas like always!”

And calumm740 gave four stars for the amount of food. He said: “I had a BBQ chicken wrap here and it was so huge I couldn’t eat it all. I can normally peer through a lot of food but it was too much for me. It was good too and the staff were very helpful and the food didn’t take long either. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who enjoys wraps or Mexican food. “

But Mark G wasn’t that happy, giving just a one-star review after finding a hair in his son’s meals. He wrote: “Where do you start? Very poor meals for what we paid. The steak was fried steak. My son’s meal had long hair in the fries. I ordered a cheese burger and nacho pepper [which] just tasted of pepper, no spices or a lot of flavor. “

And nicw17 gave a three star review after a long wait for the food, saying, “Two of us went on a Monday afternoon at 2:30 pm and the restaurant was not very busy. Our entrees arrived very quickly. but the whole meal took almost two hours because the service was so slow. I don’t know what happened between the entrees and the main course but we actually thought they forgot us. “

good pan asian in the beehive

good pan asian

Bon Pan Asian, in Unit 8, has a total of four stars out of 1,074 reviews, but appears to have had a poor round of reviews with eight one and two star reviews in the past 10 weeks. In total, they have 471 excellent, 269 very good, 160 average, 69 bad and 101 bad ratings.

Gracejay1455 said her partner’s mother was turned away due to food allergies. In a one-star review, she said: “My partner’s mother was fired due to an allergy. For all I know, when you go to restaurants when they take your order, they ask you if you have allergies with this restaurant they ruined what was supposed to be a nice meeting.

“My partner’s mother has had this allergy her whole life. She’s old enough to know what she can and can’t eat. Due to past experiences, I feel like it was very discriminating. because she is an adult woman.

“The restaurant then showed us a note that they can’t describe to us what is used in their food as they don’t know themselves, and that’s really a big deal for me and that’s enough to put off anyone. “

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B8358NEjoannel visited in November and said she would never return with her large group, giving a one star review: “Poor management, poor service delivery, empty containers and those with food were either watery to be very dry. Management response to complaint email basically said they were busy and if we chose not to come back they weren’t bothered. That’s 17 customers they just lost. “

And Leon S said the food was “expensive and tasteless,” giving the restaurant two stars. He said: “I didn’t expect the grandeur and didn’t understand it. First visit. The service was miserable. The food was variable, some very tasty, some tasteless. We were hungry and we were in a hurry. The job was done. I would, ‘I’m not going back. There’s nothing that makes this place a destination.

But lizpE8250OY gave it five stars, saying, “I took my daughter and granddaughter and they absolutely loved it. The great variety and the service was fabulous and very clean.”

And V904BXadrianl agreed, with another five-star rating: “I hadn’t visited in ages and wasn’t sure what to find after Covid. I didn’t have to worry! The range of items seemed to be just as good as ever, the quality was good and the overall experience delighted everyone in the group I was with. “

Nando's at The Hive in Hanley
Nando’s at The Hive in Hanley


Nando’s, based in Unit 1 of The Hive, scored 3.5 out of 251 reviews. There are a bunch of mixed ratings, with 69 excellent, 67 very good, 55 average, 30 bad, and 30 terrible. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of recent reviews.

Inspire227914 praised the staff in a five star review, stating: “The staff were amazing! They went the extra mile on so much. 1) The food was excellent and delicious as usual. 2) The staff were very friendly and 100 percent more customer service! 3) My phone needed recharging, they asked other staff for a charger and they charged my phone (obviously not part of the service but still helpful with my current business). I would just like to thank you for a nice lunch. “

Giving another five star rating, RandRH also enjoyed their visit, writing: “Excellent service from start to finish! We ordered our meals from our table using the app. It was so quick and easy to use! The food was hot, fresh and good portion sizes. “

However, disappointed reviewer leosI932VA awarded it a star, writing: “The food tasted terrible, the only thing that tasted good was water. Spider webs everywhere too. The food was expensive compared to its terrible taste. “

And Caringmum gave a three star review and said she would not come back, “The food was mediocre, although it didn’t take long to come out after we ordered. Small portions unless you don’t. ordered the extra sides. Girl had the veggie burger, which was really bland. I had the chicken pitta, which was okay but came out cold. I thought it was expensive for what it was . We will definitely not be going back … sorry. “

The Burger Priest in The Hive at intu Potteries

The hamburger priest

The Burger Priest, in Unit 4, does not appear to have a TripAdvisor listing. However, it has 3.1 stars out of 132 Google reviews.

Giving it a star, Tim Parsons wrote: “The food was in the middle of the road but the service was absolutely shocking. I waited almost an hour for two burgers at a burger restaurant. The manager laughed at the fact that it had been so long since we last ordered. I forgot which dish was mine when it finally came out. It wasn’t even that busy! “

Atticus Bettany also awarded a star by saying, “I went to get some food before the movies. I waited over an hour for our food and we kept being told it would take five more minutes. We were offered additional drinks but as we were going to be late for the movie we turned down The food was good but nothing special and should have only taken 10 minutes at most to cook.

“I asked for a discount because of the stupidly long wait and was tricked with an excuse that it couldn’t be done. I was given a free meal voucher to joke that it was to get us back, which will not have happened after the appalling service from what appeared to be the shift manager. “

But Claire, giving a five star review, said: “Really tasty food, super fast service. Recommended.” and Tina Johnson agreed, saying, “I enjoyed the meal. It was lovely. I will be back.”

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