Indie video games are finally embracing the tabletop scene


Monster train I am not alone. We are living in a video game renaissance that is directly influenced by desktop ideas.

2017 taken Defeat Speyer, One of the most popular games on the internet. The lone knight faces the harsh trials of the beast and gradually adds better cards to the game. Risky dungeonsA roguelike that applies a Yazzi-style roll to maximize ridiculous combos, like rolling dice on a kitchen counter. Loop hero, A beloved in early 2021, players are like a mountain tile set and a cave in the woods Build the city of Carcassonne, Nothing is more powerful than Four Cards in this adventure. All of these games are provided by Indie Studios, each proudly influencing. In today’s gaming culture, the next blockbuster is part of regulation gaming.

This is the conviction of playmaker Chalit Noonchoo. Gordion Quest, an RPG released on Steam Early Access last year, mixes character building elements from Dungeons & Dragons with a thoughtful deck-building strategy. Like Klausnick, Noonchu states that card games are much more achievable in an average small studio compared to other technical genres. “This allows us to meet the expectations of triple A visuals, many animations or heavy-edited scenes that are difficult for us to achieve,” he says. We focus our resources on making the game look and feel good at the most basic level. “

He holds the end of the case. The main attraction of games like Gordion Quest It is the sublime precision of the gameplay. There is a clear clarity that can be gained by staring at the hand of a card that cannot be emulated anywhere else. But Noonchoo makes it clear that integrating digital and analog domains is no easy task. If I had to choose one, Gordion Quest He had to completely rethink how game design works.

“Traditional games have finer control and flow. Status effects only last for a few seconds, the range of effects can be extended to small proportions, and the damage range can be extended to thousands or millions. He says. “In card games, it’s important to reduce the number and influence every bonus, because players only have enough bandwidth to mentally keep up with every element of the game. It’s up to us. Brings other challenges to. “


Of course, one of the benefits of making a board game for your PC is that it eliminates annoying table top inefficiencies. No one needs to trade their rejects. Monster train, And all damage calculations are done automatically. Klausnick states that one of the game’s favorite mechanics is the ability to duplicate cards in the game. Such an idea is not supported in the following cases: Monster train Has been played in the dining room, but on Steam you only have to enter a line of code. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that digitized interpretation of this genre has become mainstream. For example, the fine mathematical maintenance of the average game Magic Is nowhere to be found. Instead, the ability to see everything in the algorithm guides us every step of the way.

“Complicating the mechanism does not make it inaccessible,” explains Klausnick. “In a physical game you have to run and play numbers, which takes 4 hours to play.”

All of this makes us think about where the industry is heading from here. The desktop computer industry is experiencing a historic boom, 20% growth in 2020 aloneThis means that his influence on the Steam charts will remain open for quite some time. But the creator of the real-time card butler, Thomas Moon Kang One step away from Eden To another theory. He states that some of the most popular board games of recent years (Gloomhaven, Pandemic: Legacy, Mansions of Madness) all attempt to emulate video games in different ways. Some of these games use downloadable apps to streamline enemy AI, while also creating more glowing mood and anxiety than Catan’s Friday night average can produce. Some games are full of progressive stories to offer. Kang sees here the coexistence of a world where board game designers and video game designers owe each other their strengths.

“These lines are mixed up,” he says. “I think it’s amazing for the developers and the gamers.”

It’s proof that the long cold war between PC gamers and tabletop gamers is finally over. Let’s enjoy the old reality together Scout Gronard, Generation Z Fortnite Maestro, and never repent Crossed kings Life forms can exist as one. The nerd balance has finally arrived.

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