Indoor Cycling, Vintage Dining, Rooftop View: Spend Michigan’s Best Fall Day in Detroit


DETROIT – One of the great things about Detroit is there is no shortage of ways to have fun, whether you’re with friends or heading to Michigan’s largest city for a day trip. day or a family adventure. We’re sharing some suggestions to help you plan your next trip to “The D”.

The Lexus Velodrome is just the third such facility in the country, bringing Olympic-style cycling for all ages to Detroit. Photo by Edward Pevos of MLive.

Lexus Velodrome: Start with a trip down the trail – an indoor cycle path. The Lexus Velodrome in the heart of Detroit offers the first European-style track cycling. You saw it at the Olympics – now see it closer to home. This tenth-of-a-mile oval with a 50-degree bank is fast – there’s no freewheel and no brakes. The Velodrome hosts cool events like the American Cycling League’s Saturday Night Rumble Series and the Championship Games Series, both of which begin this fall. Want to try it out for yourself? Sign up for one of the Vélodrome’s Track 101 courses, which are offered daily. For around $ 40, the trainers will provide you with a rental bike, clip-on bike shoes, a helmet, and some tips for getting around the track comfortably. You just provide the nerve.

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From 1950s jukeboxes to vintage bar stools and classic green, red and orange colors, you will be transported back in time. Photo by Edward Pevos of MLive.

Karl’s: If you’re ready to step back in time, head to Karl’s diner where the 1950s-style jukebox is in the spotlight and classic red, green and orange chairs will put you in a vintage vibe. You can order “Crêpes pour la table” or indulge in a retro salad. But before ordering, you must find it first. Karl’s is hidden inside the Siren Hotel on Broadway Street. You enter the hotel lobby, then down a winding hallway and two flights of stairs to land at Karl’s house.

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Monarch Club

Thrillist lists the Monarch Club in Detroit as one of the best rooftop bars in the country (Photo by Edward Pevos | MLive)

The Monarque Club: Ending your day of adventure in Detroit with a great view and something good in your drink is the perfect combination. The D is not only home to inventive craft breweries and distilleries, but also old-fashioned bars that know the art of mixing cocktails. One of our favorites is the Monarch Club, a rooftop bar located in the penthouse of the Metropolitan Building. It brings the skyscrapers closer together and gives you a breathtaking view of the city center.

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This Michigan’s Best Day Adventure is sponsored by Perrin Brewing Co.

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