Inflation impacts local restaurant | News

BILLINGS, Mont. – The Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant is a local favorite when it comes to finding tasty Mexican food in Billings. With multiple locations, the family-run restaurant was able to keep its doors open and serve customers during the pandemic, but co-owner Veronica Nuno says it hasn’t been easy.

“It was very difficult, I’ve never seen anything like it. Whether it’s trying to find working staff or raising prices, including simple things, because other companies don’t have workers either, ”says Nuno.

Nuno says the shortage of the supply chain is one of the biggest impacts they face. The hardest thing to find is Carne Asada – steak.

“It went from roughly $ 5 a pound and it went down to $ 12 to $ 14 a pound. Chicken is another prime example as it has gone from $ 45 per case to now $ 90 per case. Ground beef is another, we went from $ 1.50 to $ 2.50, we use it a lot in Montana, they love ground beef.

Inflation often comes with price increases, which Nuno says they wish they didn’t have to do with their customers.

“They don’t see the struggle that we have over there to try to keep the numbers right, and you can’t when you have, say, chicken for $ 45 to $ 90 a case, you have to sell it for more. there’s nothing I can do, you know, ”says Nuno.

Nuno says she hopes 2022 will be a better year and that they are doing everything to continue serving traditional dishes. She says they are grateful to the community because they would not have made it without the support of their clients.

“I can’t, I get emotional. Can’t say enough about how awesome it is and how local and how beautiful it is to be a part of it, can’t thank them enough, we can’t thank them enough Said Nuno.

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