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With a college most of whose students commute to campus or live in a dorm, it’s safe to say that many students are not fully aware of the variety of things to do in the surrounding area.

NJCU’s website brags about its proximity to New York City, as if it’s the only place to go off campus. But you can visit America’s oldest Coptic congregation, one of only two museums in New Jersey devoted to black history, see the oldest concrete fountain in the world, and visit one of the oldest owned restaurants. to blacks in Jersey City., all within walking distance of campus.

African American Historical Museum


You’d be surprised how many people didn’t know that Jersey City has a lot to do with black history. It was the last stop of an Underground Railroad, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave two speeches here, and Malcolm X’s wife, Betty Shabazz, was an undergraduate student at NJCU. So, it’s easy to see why, with the help of the NAACP Jersey City branch, the second floor of the Earl Morgan Library became New Jersey’s first museum dedicated to black history.

Director Neil Brunson says he became the museum’s director because “Jersey City is the elementary beginning of pre-colonial America“, and that he has “the story of [his] people.”

Brunson also said the museum has three exhibit halls of artifacts, including short-lived documents, slave chains and knitted folk art from years of collecting. He also added that he is ready to guide students and scholars, but only if you email him at [email protected]. The library and museum are a ten-minute walk from campus, at the corner of Kennedy Boulevard and Wade Street.

Between Friends Food Truck


Less than a block from the museum is a halal truck that has been on the same corner from ssummer 2020. Most of his meals include seasoned rice rather than meat such as chicken or merguez (flavored Moroccan sausage), chopped vegetables and choice of hot sauce or yogurt. The best part about this place is that each order combination is less than $30. The truck is parked on weekdays from 11 a.m. at seven p.m.

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