La Cosecha in Union Market celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with ‘Voces Latinas’

To help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the nation’s capital, La Cosecha in the Union Market neighborhood is hosting “Voces Latinas” through October 15.

WTOP’s Jason Fraley salutes “Voces Latinas” at La Cosecha (Part 1)

To help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the Nation’s Capital, La Cosecha in the Union Market District is hosting “Latin Voices” now until October 15.

“La Cosecha, which means ‘the harvest’ in Spanish, is a contemporary Latin American market in DC that celebrates centuries of heritage around these crops,” Norma Morales Perez, senior vice president of the EDENS brand and culture.

“We like to call ourselves a Culinary Embassy…through the food, goods and great offerings of our retail partners.”

Some of these market offers include Venezuelan candy at Arcay Chocolate, artisan jewelry and assets at Art TePuay, Panamanian coffee at Cafe Unido; modern Mexican cuisine at Destino, Colombian cuisine at El Cielo, Latin wines at Grand CATA, Salvadoran street food at La Casita Pupuseria and Latin American-style hot dogs at Mosaico.

You can also enjoy Brazilian fashion at NOVA BOSSA, sandwiches at Peruvian Brothers, leather goods at Quavaro, cocktails and snacks at Serenata, a masa menu of corn dishes at Taqueria Las Gemelas and juice combinations , toast and breakfast at Zumo.

“You can really experience so many different countries and cultures,” Perez said. “I encourage everyone to stop by and check out the stories of these partners…they all bring their own passions and goals behind the businesses they’ve built, so we’re excited to celebrate with them throughout the month. .”

Additionally, starting October 1, La Cosecha will partner with Gallaudet University to present “Festejamos el arte de los Sordos”. Curated by former Leticia Arellano, the exhibition will feature works by deaf artists from Latin American countries.

“There’s something for everyone, whether you want to be practical or just want a taste,” Perez said. “We have music and dance events which include Latin rhythms, salsa and tango, we have family fitness events including Zumba, we have a free ‘Let’s Play’ theater for the public hosted by the Teatro de la Luna, we have DIY courses in Painting.”

This all builds on October 15’s ‘TECHO Day’ presented by the youth-led nonprofit TECH USwhich aims to bring affordable housing and other resources to poverty-stricken regions in Latin America.

“We’re going to have family activities, music and art,” TECHO’s director of marketing and communications, Ana Testa, told OMCP.

“We are currently present in 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and we are active in more than 550 communities. The word “TECHO” actually means “roof” because we believe everyone deserves a decent home. »

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WTOP’s Jason Fraley salutes “Voces Latinas” at La Cosecha (Part 2)

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