Lobster restaurant claims its Facebook challenge was ‘haunted’ after it moved while eating it

Adrian Shann, 32, from Hull, thinks his lobster feast was ‘possessed’ after he started shaking and moving on his plate and vowed never to eat it again.

Lobster eater Adrian Shann claims his ‘haunted’ meal moved while he ate it

A man has claimed his lobster dinner was ‘haunted’ after he started moving when he slid into the dish.

Adrian Shann, 32, said the dead lobster was “twisting and moving” on his plate as he tried to crack open his shell to access the white meat inside.

The hairdresser, from Hull, East Yorkshire, believes the sea creature was ‘possessed’ and must have haunted him.

Adrian captured the moment on Facebook Live when he filmed himself devouring a whole lobster he bought in Hull for £13.

He wanted to film it after seeing an online challenge where people eat lobsters and crabs, reports Hull Live.

“I’ve never eaten lobster before and was curious to try it,” he said.

“I boiled it for about 20 minutes and then went on Facebook Live. I didn’t notice until I watched the video that it was moving.

The video was posted on Facebook Live


Adrian Shann WS)

“I started to feel very paranoid and didn’t realize it was moving. I wondered, is there something wrong?

“Do lobsters even die when they’re boiled? I thought it was awful when I went to get a knife and then I saw him staring at me.”

Adrian claims the lobster was already snapped and cooked when he bought it at the store.

He is still perplexed and believes this will haunt him.

Adrian was taken aback when his lobster dish started moving on his plate


Grimsby Live/Donna Clifford)

The video shows the lobster moving after brief contact with his hand as well as the lobster claw as he eats, but Adrian claims he never touched it.

He said: “I had never eaten lobster before and I certainly won’t eat it again. It looked good at the time.

“But when I cooked it, it smelled of sap and there were even red eggs inside.

“I would never have it again. I feel like something was wrong.”

The hairdresser said he wanted to film the clip after seeing an online challenge of people eating lobsters and crabs


Grimsby Live/Donna Clifford)

Adrian says he felt “sick” after watching the video.

He said: “I felt that lobster was part of a ritual and I was possessed by it.

“I now feel physically ill. If you get boiled, you will surely die.

“My friends and family say it’s just weird. It’s worse for me because I ate it.

He vowed never to eat lobster again after ‘haunting’ experience


Grimsby Live/Donna Clifford)

“I just hope people could have tried it too to understand what I meant. I’m a hairstylist, not Derek Acorah.”

Some fish and molluscs are said to move even after death, appearing to be “alive”.

Dead fish will continue to move until they have exhausted all their energy reserves.

They are not alive at this point nor are they in pain.

Other incidents of moving dead fish were filmed.

No fish or shellfish will move after being cooked.

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