Local businesses feel the effects of inflation as prices continue to rise for goods – WSB-TV Channel 2

ATLANTA — Local restaurants are trying to find a way to avoid passing on the increased costs to their customers. Food and supply prices have doubled or even tripled on some items, “We have several different things on our menu. We have sliders, tacos and lamb chops. It is steeped in different cultures, from Mexican cuisine to Ethiopian cuisine,” Yosef Tekola said with Yo! Chef What’s Cooking on Buford Highway.

But Yosef Tekola said their most popular item is a dish “called Cajun Pasta. I love pasta so I have a lot of dishes.

Yosef said it was getting difficult to provide these excellent dishes to his customers. “Heavy cream is the hardest to find right now when it comes to cream, all dairy, because our cheese comes from Chile. Our lamb chops come from New Zealand and our pasta comes from Italy.

Tekola said that due to inflation, yesterday’s prices are not today’s prices: “As for the wings, we used to buy a crate for $98, now it’s $180. Heavy cream, we used to buy it for $38 a case. Now we’re buying it for $54 a case. Gloves, we used to buy them before COVID $48 a case, now we get them for $160.

Carlos Zanbrano is the CFO of La Costilla Grill, also on Buford Highway. It specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine. “We have a few products and a few direct distributors that bring the products from Mexico,” Zanbrano said.

His restaurant is also feeling the impact of inflation: “Meat is number 1. All types of protein are probably up about 35%. Onions, tomatoes, lettuce, limes and lemons. We used to pay around $38 for a case of limes, now a case of limes is $90,” Zanbrano said.

Due to the increase, inflation leaves them in a bind. “You can’t raise prices for our customers because they won’t be able to come back. They won’t be able to afford to come back,” Zanbrano said.

“We don’t want to raise our prices on the menu because it will hurt our customers to come to our restaurant and shop with us. We have to stay competitive, but at the same time inflation is killing us,” Tekola said.

The two owners say they are trying to see how long they can hold out without raising their prices.

But right now they are trying to find other places to get their groceries that are maybe cheaper, without ruining the quality of their menu.


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