Local tortilla shop shares authentic Mexican food


BRYAN, Texas – As our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, we share the story of a Latino business owner who opens the first tortilla store in Bryan.

At Tortilleria a Mi Tierra, they bake fresh tortillas every day so people can enjoy an authentic Mexican dish.

For Irma Paez, it’s not just tortillas … it’s her childhood.

“The goal for me was not just to sell tortillas,” said Irma Arellano Paez, owner of Tortilleria Mi Tierra. “It was more to bring back memories. Those memories that all Latinos have of standing in line for tortillas at home,”

She shared that many of her customers say the aroma and sounds inside her shop bring them back.

Paez herself constantly drove for hours just to refuel on this authentic staple.

She finally decided to open her own store. The Tortilleria Mi Tierra is the first of its kind at Bryan-College Station.

“I know it’s a need for people, especially Hispanics that this be our staple, you know, tortillas,” Paez added.

Paez opened Tortilleria Mi Tierra earlier this year.

Although she has encountered obstacles, she encourages other Latinos to do whatever is possible when they are chasing their dreams.

“Pursue their dreams, even if it’s a small dream, even if it’s a big dream, follow it. Taking it step by step gets you where you want to be, ”Paez said.

Sharing their most valuable Hispanic traditions is important to Paez and her employees.

“Creo que los hipanos qada vez estamos mas presents no sola mente por nuestro comida, si no la musica, el arte, y somos parte fundementale de este pais,” said Rosio Freas, director of Tortilleria Mi Tierra.

Translation: “I believe Hispanics are more and more present not only for our food, but also for music, art, and we are a fundamental part of this country”

Paez would like to open a second location and hopes that he can continue to share some of his Mexican culture with the community.

“I find it important to keep our traditions alive to share a dish with my daughter,” Paez added. “A recipe, how to cook at home, then share it with others,”

The Tortilleria Mi Tierra is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. located on William J Bryan.

But if you’re planning on going out, expect long lines in the morning as they serve the traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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