Looking for a new restaurant – it’s all about Eve – Fiona Duff

The Commons Club of the new Virgin Hotel in India Buildings

A friend will soon become an age that ends in a ‘0’. She won’t actually be in the country on the date this happens, but another mate and I thought the occasion shouldn’t go unnoticed.

At first we thought it would be fun to go somewhere – like the Wee Restaurant in North Queensferry (the food is great, but unfortunately the name means it can’t accommodate as many as we’d like).

Then there was maybe a trip to North Berwick where there are plenty of good restaurants and a train service every half hour.

However, in reality, we knew it could be a cat-breeding-type logistical nightmare. Trains would no doubt be missed on either side of lunch.

So earlier this week we took some dogs out for a walk in the Grassmarket and thought we’d check out the new Virgin Hotel.

Outside, I held Caroline’s pooch as she walked inside to see what they had to offer. Seconds later she reappeared to announce that dogs were welcome and they would show us around.

As we walked through, not quite like the kind of clientele of this rather cool place in our walking boots and rabid dogs straining on their leashes, we discovered a really engaging group of people.

All the staff seemed to love dogs, and downstairs we were shown Eve – the more casual restaurant which seemed perfect for the occasion we were planning. It’s quite quirky and funky and the food prices aren’t astronomical.

The kind of place where we could pretend to be part of the crowd and no one was that age that ends in ‘0’.

For the rest of this month, there’s 50% off food – so we’ll skip the next week just to make sure we’re okay. We will not take dogs.

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