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The site of the former Qualcomm Stadium. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

It is high time that the city of San Diego changed the name of Qualcomm Way in Mission Valley to something other than the name of a crumbling stadium.

The name is ridiculous. The stretch of road named after the Fortune 500 company, Qualcomm, doesn’t get there in the first place. The company is based in the Sorrento Valley. It must be okay. And the options for a new, more appropriate name are numerous:

  • Boo Chargers Circle
  • San Diego Super Chargers Forever Freeway… (As you walk past, the old fight song plays. That would be cool. And we have the technology.)
  • Dean Spanos is a greedy, bloodsucking outlet who has inherited his entire Wealth Avenue… (That should be a big sign.)
  • Boulevard Bambi? (Only diehard San Diego Charger fans will get it.)

Qualcomm Way, an exit from Interstate 8, was called Stadium Way when times were simpler. This led to a stage, which was in fact called San Diego stadium when it was built in 1967. A few years later the name was changed to Jack Murphy Stadium, in honor of a local sports writer who championed its construction.

But there was no money in this deal. At another time, the names of the stadiums honored local personalities or the army of our country free of charge. Soldier Field in Chicago is an example.

Soon, however, someone figured out that you could make money selling the naming rights. So that’s led to all kinds of silly stadium names, the latest being SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, which the Chargers are renting out.. (It’s a little kick there.)

Well, that’s what happened to the Murph, what fans quickly dubbed the San Diego Stadium. It went into the trash of history when Qualcomm bought the stadium naming rights for $ 18 million in 1997. This was done to help pay for a $ 78 million expansion that the Chargers quickly felt was totally inadequate and demanded a new stadium.

This is more inspiration for the name:

  • Go to Hell NFL Avenue, maybe?
  • Take your Super Bowls and push them where the sun doesn’t shine Speedway?
  • Taunt is the dumbest penalty ever on the freeway

(See, so many options.)

Regardless, as part of the deal, the city also changed the name of the outlet to Qualcomm Way. Qualcomm was probably thrilled because it paid all that money for the naming rights for a stadium that soon became known as “The Q”. Fans call the stadiums whatever they want. At least the name of the freeway exit hasn’t been shortened.

When the naming rights expired in 2017, the outlet was not relocated to Stadium Way. It can therefore be argued that Qualcomm receives free advertising. I’m not saying that’s the only reason, but it could be one of the reasons the company saw a 56 percent increase in chip sales year over year.

It’s a pretty popular release, after all. Condos and apartments are going up everywhere in Mission Valley.

Oddly enough, the name of the outlet was not changed after the Chargers left for Los Angeles or even after the city sold the naming rights to the San Diego County Credit Union, and the stadium was renamed SDCCU Stadium in 2017.

One problem is that it is not easy to change a street name. Check San Diego Municipal Code regarding this. This is Chapter 12: Land Use Planning Reviews. This is article five: Subdivision procedures. This is Division 11: Name or change of name of public streets and other rights of way.

Who doesn’t love the government?

First of all, you need the approval of the city engineer, whoever it is. To do this, you must first send a petition for the name change to all the owners along the street. If 100 percent approve of it, we’re good.

However, if you get less than 100 percent, you need approval from the city council. Not only must the name be deemed appropriate, it cannot “harm” first responders and the postal service.

Also, do you remember my idea for an exit sign related to Dean Spanos? Well if you are using someone’s first and last name then you need approval from city council as well. Does our board have that kind of courage?

The good news is that there isn’t a lot of development along the Qualcomm Way. Google Maps shows few companies involved. But will they go with a new name?

Could Mayor Todd Gloria please intervene? Well, he once told me at a fundraising event when he was running for mayor that he wasn’t much of a sports fan. When he was acting mayor, he bet the mayor of Denver on a playoff game between the Chargers and Broncos.

The Bolts were nine point dogs on the road. Yes, the Chargers lost. I’m just glad he bet on Mexican food and not a year’s supply of parking meter income. If he was a shark he would bet this building on Ash Street and hope to lose it.

There is a sense of urgency here regarding the name change. San Diego State University is now the steward of the Mission Valley property and is building a stadium to replace what we should call what was the old stadium.

If they push for, say, the way of the Aztecs, it could cause problems. The Cleveland Indians, for example, will soon be known as the Cleveland Guardians after a national assessment of racist names and symbols used across the country. The Washington Redskins are now the Washington football team.

I would hate to see another company name on the way out. It’s a safe bet that SDSU will sell the naming rights for the new stadium. It has already sold the naming rights for the seating sections to the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation for $ 8 million.

A report, by Places Now, has Snapdragon, which is a division of Qualcomm, purchasing the naming rights. SDSU has not confirmed, however.

Always: Snapdragon Circle?

Oh please no.

Their basketball arena? In 2009, she sold the naming rights to Viejas Group of the Kumeyaay Indians for nearly $ 7 million.

I contacted the college and a spokesperson said a name change to Qualcomm Way “is not a discussion at this time.”

I think we should do something to honor the Chargers. They had been there for over 50 years. And they hit just one Super Bowl.

And what else is there in Mission Valley that is cool to give it its name?

Bed Bath & Beyond Boulevard?

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