Many Portland diners want restaurants to check vaccination status, despite national backlash


Oregon must vaccinate less than 50,000 adults before restaurants can reopen at full capacity statewide, but it’s possible that many Portlanders won’t feel ready to go to a crowded bar just yet. Earlier this month, Eater PDX conducted a reader survey that illustrated a schism in how Portlanders feel about returning to crowded dining rooms: around half of those polled are reluctant to enter a full capacity restaurant or bar without a mask – unless the restaurant is checking vaccination. records.

In a poll conducted between June 8 and June 15, 52% of those polled said they would not feel comfortable eating at a restaurant at full capacity once the state lifts its security protocols. COVID-19, and 49% would not feel comfortable eating in a restaurant. without mask requirement. These figures change, however, with the possibility of ‘issuing a vaccination card’: 77% of respondents said they would feel comfortable dining in a restaurant at full capacity if restaurant employees checked for proof of vaccination. at the door.

In May, state officials announced that businesses could waive mask requirements in restaurants and capacity requirements in “vaccinated sections” or parts of a business where staff had verified proof of. client vaccination. However, immunization cards have sparked much conflict within the state. Oregon State Representative Daniel Bonham openly criticized the state’s introduction of a vaccination card issuance policy, and Republicans in the Oregon Senate introduced legislation to Pure and simple prohibition “Vaccine passports”. The frustration also spread nationally: in May, 10 national professional associations signed a letter to various health and safety officials, asking them to “recognize the peril” of requiring employees to verify immunization status. “Oregon’s new policy requiring local businesses to verify the vaccination status of customers is alarming,” the letter reads. “As with mask mandates, forcing employees to confront customers in this manner is calculated to lead to anger and violence.”

Still, for restaurateurs looking to reopen, it could be a way to appease more potential customers: 62% of Eater survey respondents said they believe restaurants should start checking out vaccination cards. customers before letting them dine in a restaurant at full capacity. room or section vaccinated, and 66% of those surveyed said they believe restaurants should check vaccination cards before letting customers in without a mask. For now, many Portland restaurants are simply sticking to their current mask policies and ignoring the development of a vaccinated section, avoiding the hassle – and potential safety risks – of confronting customers at the door.

Readers can find the survey results through the original publication.

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