McDonald’s Spain adds favorite Tex-Mex nachos to its menu

McDonald’s Spain is experimenting with the menu and has just announced the release of a new food. It looks like the fast food chain is making another crossover as the new addition is a Tex-Mex favorite that’s usually available at Taco Bell.

McDonald’s Spain has just added nachos as one of the options to its range of sides. In addition, this food will also be served with the restaurant’s irresistible cheese sauce.

These Tex-Mex flavored nachos will never go wrong, and customers can order them with their favorite burger and other restaurant dishes. While nachos are already available in Spain, The street reported that it may not be coming to McDonald’s stores in the United States.

Americans are said to really love the taste of Tex-Mex food, and they especially love fajitas and nachos. In fact, most Mexican restaurants in their area always have a lot of customers, and they do just fine. Nachos are also served in bars and with its availability almost everywhere, McDonald’s US might not consider adding it to the menu.

McDonald’s Spain has clearly created its own version of one of Taco Bell’s favorites. Customers can now decide if the fast food is capable of producing a better version of nachos or if the direct competitor version of the burger joint is still the best.

Either way, it’s been revealed that McDonald’s has already launched a Mexican food item, so this isn’t the first time the brand has offered this fare to its customers. The fast food chain was selling fajitas almost three decades earlier.

“McDonald’s sold its own version of the popular dish in 1993 and the fajitas included chicken, cheese, red and green peppers and diced onions in a flour tortilla,” the restaurant said. “McDonald’s advertising claimed that one bite of their chicken fajitas was like ‘a taste of Mexico but without the sunburn’.”

Meanwhile, according to Eat Brand, besides cheese nachos, McDonald’s Spain also offers a unique selection of other side dishes. Some of the popular items on the list include McShaker Fries, Deluxe McShaker Fries which is the potato wedge version, Deluxe Fries with Camembert and Bacon, Deluxe Potato Wedges, Cherry Tomatoes, Bites with Gouda cheese, the Gouda cheese bites and a bucket of onions. rings.

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