Med City diners can have a noodle reunion in their schedule


Fans of Med City’s fresh noodles might have a tasty introductory reunion in their schedule in the near future.

Signs for “First Meeting – Hand Drawn Fresh Chinese Noodles” went up to office 2 at 793 16th St. SW, between Wild buffalo wings and Associated bank.

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The restaurant’s Facebook page describes how the noodles will be hand-pulled or shaved with a knife at the first meeting. He was describing popular dishes, such as LanZhou Beef Noodle Soup and ShanXi Shaved Noodle Soup.

“A Chinese noodle is known for its great taste and manufacturing all over the world. They are prepared by different techniques, spices and ingredients to achieve the best unique taste, ”says First Meeting’s message. “ALL the noodles here are handmade by our noodle masters. We also have other homemade appetizers and snacks etc. Not only can you watch the… noodle show, (you) can also have the best unique and nutritional homemade fresh noodle dishes ever.

Not much is known about First Meeting at this point. Shanshan Chen, of Rochester, has registered the First Meeting logo trademark.

Considering the signs and construction inside the space, it looks like the noodle shop will have their first meeting with Rochester in the very near future.

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