Michigan’s Best Local Eats: Mexibilly’s serves up authentic Mexican food on the go

GRASS LAKE, MI – Mexibilly’s used to be a popular restaurant in Blissfield, but now it’s “on the go” as a food truck in Grass Lake.

Modesty Adams and her husband Jason owned the restaurant about 12 years ago, but when her uncle fell ill they had to choose between the restaurant or the family. They chose family, Adams said.

They treated his uncle and he lived another 10 years. But he passed away in February, and the couple wanted to do something to honor him, and reopening the once-beloved restaurant was the perfect option, Adams said.

“He would have liked it and would have been happy with it,” she said. “He liked the food.”

Instead of being a fixed restaurant, however, Mexibilliy’s is now mobile thanks to a food truck.

The food truck has quite an extensive menu, serving authentic Mexican cuisine and popular American dishes. All Mexican dishes are made with the traditional recipes that Adams grew up with, thanks to his grandmother.

“(I can) share with people and let people see the kind of stuff I grew up on,” Adams said.

Customers can find an array of street tacos, taco salads, nachos, and one-cup elotes on the menu. With hamburgers, chicken fillets and hot dogs.

The large burrito is the most popular menu item, Adams said. It consists of a large flour tortilla, rice, beans, a choice of shredded chicken or a burger and a house sauce drizzled with cheese.

“We’re probably selling over 70 burritos a day,” Adams said.

Desserts are also popular, including Bunuelos, which are fried pasta usually covered in cinnamon sugar.

The truck is mostly parked outside the former Grass Lake Chevrolet dealership, 11851 E. Michigan Ave., throughout the week during lunch and dinner hours. However, plans are underway to travel more in the county, Adams said.

A Facebook page for Mexibilly’s is also expected to launch soon so people can follow locations and times, Adams said. For now, more information can be found by calling 517-759-2033.


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