New Jalapeño Shack in Huntington serves Halal-Mexican cuisine

Growing up, Khalil Nayl struggled to find take-out options that aligned with the values ​​of his Muslim faith.

Nayl and other practitioners of Islam eat halal food as part of their faith – halal being an Arabic word which translates to “allowed”.

Various halal joints have popped up across the island in recent years, but Nayl’s new business, Jalapeño Shack in Huntington, is moving away from traditional offerings such as lamb, chicken and falafel platters and gyros. . Jalapeño Shack, located at 340 W. Jericho Turnpike, serves Tex-Mex style dishes for those looking for variety in their halal takeout.

The order is similar to other halal restaurants, including Shah’s halal locations, which are owned by Nayl’s relatives. Customers choose their base from a list that includes tacos, nachos, quesadillas and burritos before choosing their protein in the form of steak, chicken or ground beef. They can also stick only to vegetables.

Nayl said he purchases his meat and poultry from suppliers who ensure their products are made to halal standards, such as Hal & Al Meats and Provisions, Inc. in accordance with Islamic law as defined in the Quran.

Tex-Mex flair shines through toppings like nacho cheese, black beans, queso, pico de gallo, corn chili salsa and jalapeño peppers.

“I wanted to try different types of food from different walks of life, but I couldn’t. So I started doing it at home with the family, ”Nayl said. “I had been thinking about doing Halal Mexican for a long time.”

The owner of the new restaurant said the response from the community has been great, especially when it comes to his nacho bowls and Shack Fries specialties, which are filled with nacho cheese, grilled onions and a special sauce.

Nayl said he hopes to become a key new part of the city and participate in community events in the coming months as the booming restaurant stabilizes.

“We will be joining the chamber and we look forward to getting involved in the Huntington community,” he said.

Check out some photos of the interior of Jalapeno Shack

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