North Linn Street diners now have access to free public Wi-Fi

North Linn Street diners now have access to free public Wi-Fi – Little Village

North Linn Street, September 8, 2022. – Paul Brennan/Little Village

Limited free Wi-Fi is now available in the one-block dining room on North Linn Street. This is Iowa City’s fourth free outdoor public Wi-Fi hotspot, provided through a partnership between the city and ImOn Communications. The same public wi-fi is available on the Ped Mall and in two city parks, Chauncey Swan and Riverfront Crossings.

“Wi-Fi access is offered for up to two hours per day per user,” the Iowa City Department of Communications explained in a press release. “ImOn customers can enter their account number for unlimited access.”

The city first closed North Linn Street from Hamburg Inn at the Market Street intersection in the summer of 2020. This new pedestrian mini-mall was created to provide and promote outdoor dining as part of efforts of the city to support local restaurants while encouraging social distancing amid the novel COVID-19 pandemic. That first year, the street remained closed and the picnic tables remained in place until the wintry weather convinced almost everyone to take shelter inside while eating.

The dining room returned the following April. The city has since decided to make it a permanent addition to the Northside.

The Linn Street outdoor dining area debuted in 2022 with a roadside mural by Drew Etienne. July 12, 2022. — Emma McClatchey/Little Village

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