Northeast Ohio diners help people halfway around the world with donations for Ukraine

ORANGE VILLAGE, Ohio (WOIO) – Many residents of Greater Clevelander want to do something to help Ukraine, a country halfway around the world whose pain and suffering is felt right here at home.

“I mean, it’s tough,” said Jon Gross, managing partner of Kind of One Concepts, owner of The Last Page at Pinecrest in Orange Village. “My wife originally grew up in Kiev, so I see it in her face every day and she personally knows people who are currently affected by the situation. So it’s really hitting home.

So Gross approached his partner and staff to make a profit for the millions of Ukrainians fleeing the country after Russia invaded, families, many women and children, crossing the border with only what they can carrying around in a suitcase, living in tent cities or sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags.

“My partner and I, Todd, have been talking about it and supporting it and I’ve brought it to The Last Page team and they’ve been driving it energetically in terms of communications and marketing, so it’s it’s really nice to see everyone getting behind it,” he said.

The Last Page donated the money to the Cleveland Maidan Association, a group that helps Ukrainian refugees, with a place of sympathy for the struggles of Ukrainians.

“Cleveland also has a very large Ukrainian population, which I’ve come to know and love, so it’s just very personal, so it’s something we’re happy to be able to do a small part of.”

If you weren’t able to make dinner, you can always help by donating.

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