Opening of an American vegan restaurant in Barry

A LITTLE taste of America is coming to Barry, with an American-style restaurant slated to open next week.

The new vegan and gluten-free restaurant is independently owned and operated by owner Jen Haste, who has been vegan for 23 years and is also celiac.

Monty and Vito’s Diner at 48 Thompson Street will open on Saturday, October 1.

Previously the restaurant was located at the back of The Independents Emporium at 114-116 Holton Road.

Jen outside her Soon to be Diner photo: Jen Haste

Jen Haste in front of her will soon be at the restaurant. Photo: Jen Haste

Ms Haste said: ‘It’s nice to know that I can provide people with food where they can think about what I want rather than what is safe to eat.

“It will be a haven for people because they won’t have to look at the back of the packaging.

“Some people, for example, can’t have soy, so I make special stuff for them.”

“I cook everything from scratch in the morning at home, then I take the products with me.

“There will be a Halloween and Christmas menu with winter and fall spices and fresh pancakes, waffles and milkshakes made to order.

Barry And District News: A sample photo of Jen's American-inspired treats: Jen HasteA sample photo of Jen’s American-inspired treats: Jen Haste

A sampling of Jen Haste’s American-inspired treats. Photo: Jen Haste

“For the American holidays, there will be lots of pumpkin spice, pecan pies, pistachio pies and cherry pies.

“I’m going to do a vegan shop, there will be a few catwalks with vegan candy and popcorn.

“My best friend’s sister-in-law is from California, so she gives me authentic recipes and tells me where she’ll shop.”

The restaurant will be open Tuesday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Newport-based artist Antony Smith will spray American icons like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Bettie Page and Frank Sinatra onto the walls.

A contractor is due to arrive on September 26 to build a counter, designed by Ms. Haste.

Barry And District News: The restaurant has new hot planes, waffle makers and mixers Photo: Jen HasteThe restaurant has new hot planes, a waffle maker and mixers photo: Jen Haste

The restaurant has new hot planes, a waffle maker and mixers photo: Jen Haste

She said: “Two of the walls will be painted pastel green, there will also be American characters and memorabilia that I have picked up on my travels.

“It will be a comfortable setup.

“I love 50s and 60s music and especially diner culture.

“It’s the right time, the right place for me, the right place for me and it all comes together.

“I’m really excited to open and meet the customers.

“The other local merchants and I are all working together, we’ll do things for Halloween.

“There will be a Halloween trail, drip treatment and gazebo for people to take pictures and at Christmas we will set up our shops in the huts on the island.”

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